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41*365: Zooming to Change Depth of Field

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Last week, I wrote about changing the depth of field by changing your position. Another way to change the depth of field (or the amount of the photo that’s in focus) is to use your camera’s zoom.

Whether you’re using your cell phone’s camera, a point and shoot camera, or a DSLR, you very likely have a zoom lens. Today I went out on the morning dog walk with Irie and Tiki and shot these photos with a short zoom lens (18-55mm). I call this trail “Barbed Wired Trail” because it follows an old barbed wire fence from the 1940s when this was goat ranching country.

When I was zoomed in (at 55mm) you’ll see this barbed wire fence was in focus but Irie, standing behind the fence, was out of focus…or, in other words, the photo had a shallow depth of field.

But, standing at the same spot under the same light this morning, when I zoomed out (to 18mm), you’ll see that a lot more of the photo is in focus…

Whether you choose a deep or shallow depth of field is going to depend on what you’re photographing and your own personal preference for that photo.

If you zoom to get the depth of field you’d like in a dog photo, please attach the photo to your comment using the + link in the comments field…and share the fun!

Vanilla Bean

Sunday 12th of February 2012

I used a Kodak M531 camera  for this shot; I was trying to photograph a flower and my shy pet Princess the ShihPoo. Since she's more interested into sniffing rather than posing for me, I seized the moment to shot the flower in focus instead.


Saturday 11th of February 2012

I emailed a photo of Wesley for photo tip #41.