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58*365: Choosing a Focal Point

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Just what would you like the subject of your photo to be? It may…or may not…be the object closest to you.

Here are some quick shots I took with my phone on this morning’s hike. In the above photo, Tiki, in the foreground of the photo, is sharper than the small cave behind her.

In this photo, though…

…you’ll see that Tiki, still in the foreground, is no longer in focus. Now the background in is focus.

Neither is right or wrong; it just depends on what you want the main focus of the photo to be. If Tiki is the main focus of the photo, she needs to be in sharpest focus. If the background is actually the main interest in the photo, it needs to be in focus.

Here are two shots we took a couple of years ago when the bluebonnets were in bloom. Here’s a shot with Irie in sharp focus, the background falling into soft focus…

In the next photo, you’ll see that the bluebonnet is the focal point of the photo and is in sharpest focus while Tiki falls into soft focus in the background:

Next time before you snap the shutter, be sure to ask yourself just what you would like to be in sharpest focus. (If your dog is the focal point of the photo, focus on his eyes.) Make a conscious decision to select a focal point for each photo to make it more interesting for your viewer.

If you have a photo you’d like to share about selecting a focal point, please attach it below using the + link!

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