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91*365: Bath Day

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Today’s 365 Photo Project is short and sweet…because I’m tired! With temperatures approaching 90 degrees this afternoon, we decided it was a good day for dog baths. It seemed like a good, simple idea.

First, though, Tiki needed a haircut…

She has been swimming so much in the creek lately that her feathers were turning into dreadlocks…so now they’re all gone.

Irie was very good for her bath and Tiki tolerated it…but before we could get the FUR Dry on her, she was off and running and found the one place in the yard with not a blade of grass…

Then, of course, she gave me that, “Can we go back in the house now?” look! We did…finally…but first we had to head down to the creek to remove all the mud.

Now I remember why I never have thoughts of being a dog groomer!

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