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122*365: Change of Plans!

Sometimes you plan to take a photo of one thing…and wind up taking a photo of something else! Take for example the above photo.

This shot was taken with our game camera. After careful, careful arrangement of the camera on the post of our gate so it was in perfect alignment with our hummingbird feeder, we waited. We could see hummingbirds flitting back and forth, feeding all afternoon. A pair of black-chinned hummingbirds darted around the feeder.

So with great confidence, we pulled the memory card from the camera and checked out the shots. Not one hummingbird photo in the bunch!! Maybe they’re too fast??

But we came out with this cute photo of Irie, looking like she’s waiting for a hummingbird to arrive at the feeder!

Have you ever thought you were taking a photo of one thing…only to find that you’d taken a photo of something different once you looked at your photos?

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