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We’re Back from Port Aransas!

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I’ve been out this week; we took a three-night trip to Port Aransas with Barli and Tiki! This was our first time back since Hurricane Harvey–and our first time with Barli. He’s traveled to Port Lavaca and Magnolia Beach (on Matagorda Bay) several times but this was his first time out on Mustang Island.

Although Laughing Horse, the property where we stayed twice a year for the past five years, was destroyed, we found a cute Mom and Pop property just a couple of blocks from the beach. I’m going through our photos right now and will bring you a full trip report in the coming days! Spoiler alert: Barli LOVED the beach!

Barli loved hopping the waves and playing with Tiki in the surf (he was on leash the entire time but, thanks to Photoshop, I think this shot looks so much more fun!) Unlike Tiki, Barli really enjoys swimming as well. After our days in the sun, we found some great dog-friendly restaurants to enjoy, too, and I’ll be bringing you more on those.

In the meantime, I’m playing catch up here. Everyone’s PawZaar orders went out in the morning mail, and I’m working my way through the 1,000+ emails bit by bit.

And we’ve had to change up the RSS feed; if you follow DogTipper in our daily newsletter, you’ll now just see the first bit of the post then will need to click over to read the entire post (or enter a giveaway). Unfortunately our feed was being used without permission by multiple sites; our own content (words and photos) were filling many sites and competing with us in the search engines. If we can get this situation resolved, we’ll be able to return to the full feed in the future.

In the meantime, wishing everyone a happy weekend!