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Twilight Dog Names: Bella and Beyond for the Most Devoted Fans

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Are you a new pet parent who wants to show that your devotion to Bella, Edward AND your barking buddy will be forever by choosing a Twilight dog name? From the saga’s most well-known werewolves and vampires to names and references that only a die hard Twihard will recognize, we’ve compiled an A- Z list of Twilight dog names for the most doggedly devoted fans.

Twilight inspired names for dogs

Twilight Dog Names Starting with A

Aaron —   Meaning “high mountain” and “exalted”, Aaron is a name known by readers of Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined as that of the male rendition of Rebecca, Jacob’s sister in the Twilight tomes.

Adam — Rachel, Jacob’s sister in the Twilight novels, is known as Adam in author Stephenie Meyer’s gender-switching Twilight tale. The name Adam means both  “to make” and “to be red.”

Alec —  An ironic name for the villainous vampire who possessed the power to strip away his victim’s senses, Alec means “protector of mankind.”

Alice —  We foresee that your canine companion will love being bestowed with the name of everyone’s favorite fashionista/visionary vampire, Alice Cullen! The first name of Bella’s bestie means “nobility.”   

Alistair — A name meaning “the one who repels men,” Alistair was the vampire who, although asked to act as a witness to the story of human/vampire Renesmee, walked away from a possible skirmish with the Volturi. 

Allen —  The male equivalent of Bella’s classmate and friend Angela Weber in the Stephenie Meyer novel Life and Death, the name has a variety of meanings, among them “noble,” “handsome,” “harmony” and “stone.”

Alpha — More than just one of the Twilight dog names, this is also the name for a dog who’s the leader of the pack!

Amun —  The head of the Egyptian coven, the name Amun means “the hidden one.”  (For anyone interested in ancient Egypt, Amun is also the name of the god of sun and air.)

Angela — Is your new canine companion shy and kind? Then you might want to name her after Bella’s photograph-snapping friend, whose name means “Messenger of God.”

Anthony — Only a doggedly devoted Twilighter will know that Anthony (which means “highly praiseworthy”) is Edward Cullen’s middle name!

Apple — Why not name your new fur baby after the fruit that tempted you to read Stephenie Meyer’s first novel?

Archie —  Although we predict confusion for those who have only seen the movies or read the original Twilight books, fans of Stephenie Meyer’s gender-changing tome Life and Death will recognize this name (which means “brave” and “genuine”) as the male counterpart of Alice Cullen.   

Arizona — Mike Newton’s nickname for Bella is also the heroine’s home state.

Aro —  Meaning “infertile ground” or “swamp,” Aro is the head of the Volturi coven.

Ashley Greene — If you are a fan of Alice Cullen, you might want to name your fur baby after the actress who portrayed the Twilight character on the big screen. Did you know that the Twilight star (whose first name means “ash tree meadow”) is an animal advocate who joined with the ASPCA to care for animals affected by the Northern California Camp fire in 2019?

Athenodora —  The wife of Caius, the name Athenodora means “gift” and “intelligence.”

Twilight Names for Dogs Starting with B 

Beau —  The male equivalent of Bella in Stephenie Meyer’s retelling of Twilight, Beau means “handsome.”  In the novel, Beau is short for Beaufort.

Beaufort — Meaning ¨the beautiful fortress,” Beaufort (aka Beau) is the male version of the character of Bella in Life and Death Twilight Reimagined.

Bella — Since your dog will play a starring role in your life, you might want to choose the name of the novel and movie franchise’s heroine for your fur baby. A derivative of Isabella, the name means “beautiful” in many languages, including Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. One of the most popular among Twilight dog names–and always one of the most popular dog names!

Bells — Why not call your canine companion Charlie’s sweet sobriquet for his daughter?

Benjamin — Meaning “son of the right hand,” Benjamin was a vampire with the ability to control the elements.

Bianca — A secretary for the Volturi whose spelling error led to her doom, Bianca’s name means “white.”

Billy — Billy means “resolute protection”– a good name for both tribal leader Billy Black…and your dog! This name also has another Twilight connection, as it is the first name of actor Billy Burke, who portrayed Bella’s father, and Forks, Washington’s resolute protector, police chief Charlie Swan.

Bonnie — The female version of Billy Black in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, the name Bonnie means “beautiful” and “charming.”

Bree — Meaning “strength”, “virtue” and “power,” The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner (which was told in a novella by Stephenie Meyer) was ended by the Volturi. 


Caius — If your dog is a bit of a bad boy, you might want to consider naming him after one of the Twilight saga’s villainous vampires like Caius, whose name, ironically enough, means “rejoice.

Carine — The female version of Carlisle in Life and Death:  Twilight Reimagined, the name Carine means “beloved” and “pure.”

Carlie — You’ll know that you’ve met a true Twilight fan if they recognize Rennesmee’s middle name! Like the first name of the human/vampire child, which combines the names of Bella’s mother and the vampire who took on the role of Edward’s parent, Carlie honors both Bella’s father (Charlie Swan) and Edward’s adoptive father, Carlisle Cullen. In Gaelic the name means “small champion.”

Carlisle — Is your new pal with paws caring and intelligent? You might want to name him after the father figure of Forks’ vegetarian vampires, Dr. Carlisle Cullen.  The name Carlisle means “from the protected tower.”

Carmen — A vegetarian vampire living with the Denali coven. The name Carmen means “garden.”

Carver — The name of the cafe where Charlie ordered steak and cobbler every Thursday. 

Charlie —  If your dog is dependable, why not name him after Bella’s Dad, Forks chief of police Charlie Swan! 

Chet– – If you are a biker buff, you might want to name your pup after the character who takes Bella on a brief motorcycle ride in New Moon.  The name Chet means “fortress.”

Charlotte — One of the vampires called by the Cullens to act as a witness.  The name Charlotte, like that of its counterpart Charles, means “free man.”

Chuckesmee — A name that will make dog-loving Twilight fans chuckle, Chuckesmee was the nickname given to the animatronic doll which was originally to be used to portray a fast-growing Renesmee in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Claire — Only briefly glimpsed in Breaking Dawn Part One, Claire Young (whose name means “clear” or “bright”) was Leah and Seth Clearwater’s cousin.  Fans may also want to name their new canine companion Claire after Debussy’s “Clair de Lune.”

Clallam — The county in Washington which includes the town of Forks.

Connor — A minor character in  the novel Twilight, the name Connor means “lover of wolves” or “lover of hounds.”

Cora — Meaning “maiden” or “daughter,” Cora was the name of the waitress at the Carver Cafe where Charlie and Bella dined.  (Did you know that at the 2018 Forever Twilight in Forks festival Ayanna Berkshire, the actress who portrayed Cora in the first movie of the hit franchise, hosted a Cobbler and Coffee fundraiser benefiting Friends of Forks Animals?)

Coven — The Olympic coven, the Volturi coven, the Denali coven…you might want to choose this as a dog name for the pup you’ve welcomed into your own small gathering.

Cullen — A surname derived from the Irish word for “holly,” Cullen quickly became a popular name for baby boys during the height of Twilight’s popularity.

D Twilight Dog Names

Dawn — As in Breaking Dawn, the finale of the Twilight saga.  

Debussy — Claude Debussy was the French composer of one of Edward and Bella’s favorite pieces of classical music, “Claire de Lune.”

Demetri — Does your new tail-wagging chum have a talent for tracking? You might want to name him after the Volturi guard, whose name means “Gift from Demeter” (the Greek goddess of the harvest).

Denali— You could name your new pup after the coven of vegetarian vampires who reside on the Alaskan mountain.

Didyme — Sister of Aro and mate of Marcus, Didyme (which means “twin”  or “double”) was a member of the undead who had met her demise long before Bella and Edward’s love story began.

Diego — Meaning “he that replaces,” Diego was a vampire who played a role in the novella The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

Dracula One and Two — Jacob’s nicknames for Romanian vampires Vladimir and Stefan could be fun Twilight dog names for a pair of pups.


EarnestLife and Death: Twilight Reimagined’s male equivalent of Esme Cullen, the name Earnest means “truthful” and “diligent.”

Eclipse —  The title of the third installment of the Twilight saga could be a good name for a dog with a dark coat.

Edward — Does your dog have a “sparkling” personality?  You might want to name him after Twilight’s hero.  

Edythe — The female version of Edward in Life and Death, the name Edythe means “spoils of war.” 

Eleanor — The female equivalent of Emmett in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined,  the name means “light,” “bright,” “torch.”

Eleazar — Part of the Denali coven, Eleazar (a name which means “God helps,”) was among the vampires who came to Renesmee’s defense against the Volturi. 

Elena —  The female version of Eleazar in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, Elena means “bright, shining light.”

Embry — A member of Sam Uley’s pack.  The name means “flat-topped hill.”

Emily — Fiancee of pack leader Sam Uley, Emily’s name means “striving” and “industrious.”

Elizabeth —  The first name of both Edward’s biological mother and the actress who portrays Esme Cullen, the name Elizabeth means “consecrated to God” and “my God is an oath.”

Emmett — Is your new dog strong, but with a soft heart? Perhaps you might want to name him after Rosalie’s husband and member of the Olympic coven, Emmett.  His name means “universal” and “entire.”

Ephraim — A former chief and ancestor of Jacob Black, the name Ephraim means “fruitful.”

Eric — Meaning “eternal ruler,” Eric Yorkie is Bella’s friend and student reporter for the Forks High School paper.

Erica — The female version of Eric Yorkie in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. Like its male counterpart Eric, the name means “eternal ruler.”

Esme — A mother figure to the Olympic coven of vegetarian vampires, the name Esme means “beloved” and “esteemed.”


Facinelli — Has your “phastination phase” for Dr. Carlisle Cullen never waned? Then you might want to celebrate your dogged devotion by naming your dog after the head of the Cullen clan.

Felix — A character who carries out any dirty deeds of the Volturi clan which require extreme strength, Felix’s name means “lucky,” “successful” and “happy.”

Forever — The final word in both the book and movie franchises also expresses both fans undying devotion to Stephenie Meyer’s romantic tale…and a pet parent’s eternal love for the four-legged members of their family!  

Forks — “Right from the start/I knew I’d found a home for my heart.”  Like the lyrics of A Thousand Years, Twilight fans have found a home for their heart in the small town where the tale of true love began.  Why not name the new canine companion who has found a home in your heart after the Clallam County community?   


Garrett — Meaning “rules by the spear,” Garrett is a nomadic bloodsucker who has taken part in every US battle.

Gianna — The feminine form of the name John, Gianna means “God is gracious.” In New Moon, Gianna was a vampire wannabe employed by the Volturi.

Gustavo — Gustavo (who, along with his wife Kaure, come to clean the house on Isle Esme during Bella and Edward’s honeymoon) means “staff of the Geats.”


Harry — A version of the name Henry, Harry (which means “house protector”) Clearwater was a member of the Quileute tribe and a good friend to Bella’s father.

Heidi — Meaning “nobility,” Heidi was a member of the Volturi who helped to lure unsuspecting humans to their fate.

Henri — A minor character seen briefly in Breaking Dawn Part 2, the name of this French vampire (which is a counterpart to its English version, Henry) means “Ruler of the Home.”

Huilen — An apt name for a character who was given the gift of being eternally young by her half human/half vampire nephew, Huilen means “spring.”


Irina — Although this character caused problems for the protagonists of the Twilight franchise, the name of the vegetarian vampire from the Denali clan means “peace.”

Iron and Wine — Have you adopted two tail-wagging chums? Then you might want give each one half of singer Sam Beam’s stage name. The singer-songwriter provided the soundtrack to both Bella and Edward’s dance at the prom and their wedding vows with his tune “Flightless Bird (American Mouth).”

Isabella — Although the book and movie’s heroine may have preferred the shortened version of her name, you might want to call your new four-legged family member Bella’s more formal first name, which means “pledged to God.”

Ivan — The male equivalent of Irina in Stephenie Meyer’s gender-swapping tome Life and Death, the name Ivan means “God is gracious.”


Jackson Rathbone —  The first name of the actor who portrayed the vampire with the power of pathokinesis means both “God has been gracious” as well as “son of Jack.”

Jacob — If your new canine companion loyal and warm-hearted, give him something to howl about by naming him after everyone’s favorite stalwart shape-shifter!  The name Jacob means “supplanter.”

Jane — If the thought of being away from your new dog pains you, you might want to name her after the villainous vamp with the ability to administer agony.  The name Jane means “Jehovah has been gracious.”

Jared— Jared (a name meaning “descendent”) is the second in command in Sam Uley’s pack.

Jasper — Does your new dog’s antics make your emotions run the gamut from happy to harried and back again?  If so, perhaps your pup possesses the power to manipulate emotions, just like Jasper Hale! The name Jasper means “treasurer.”

Jeremy —  The male version of Jessica Stanley in Life and Death:  Twilight Reimagined, the name means “God will uplift.”

Jessamine — The female version of Jasper in Life and Death:  Twilight Reimagined, the name Jessamine means “jasmine.”

Jessica — If your new four-legged friend would enjoy a girls’ night out with you, then you might  want to consider naming her after Bella’s friend and Forks High School valedictorian.  The name Jessica means “gift.”

J. Jenks — Jason (which means “healer”) Jenks is Jasper’s lawyer.

Joss — Is your new pal with paws a super tracker?  You might want to consider naming her after Life and Death’s female version of bad bloodsucker James.  The name Joss means “merry one.”

Julie — Meaning “youthful” and “beautiful,” Julie is the name of Jacob Black’s character in the gender-swapping novel Life and Death:  Twilight Reimagined.

Twilight inspired dog names: K

Kachiri — A vampire from the Amazon, this name is known to those who have read the Twilight novels.

Kalama — The Kalama middle/high school in this small town in Washington state acted as the exterior of Forks High School in the Twilight movies.

Kate — In this instance a shortened form of Katrina, Kate– a member of the Denali coven– possesses the power of producing an electrical shock,  Both “Kate” and “Katrina” mean “pure.”

Kaure — A housekeeper on Isle Esme who has her suspicions that Edward is a supernatural being.  

Kebi — The wife of Amun and member of the Egyptian coven, the name Kebi means “honey.”

Kellan — The unique first name of actor Kellan Lutz, who portrayed Emmett in the Twilight movies, has a variety of meanings, including “slender,” “swamp,” “powerful” and “the bright-headed one.” (Did you know that when Kellan Lutz was filming the movie Hercules in Bulgaria he helped dogs in need at Animal Rescue Sofia?)  

Kristen — The lead actress’s first name means “follower of Christ.”  Here’s a bit of Twilight-related dog trivia: Did you know that Kristen Stewart is the proud pet parent of three rescue dogs?  Inspired by her love of our four-legged friends, in 2016 fans celebrated the star´s birthday with donations exceeding  $15,000 for The Lange Foundation, and in 2020 with more than $5,000 in contributions to Best Friends Animal Society.

KStew — Fans’ nickname for Kristen Stewart.

Kwop kilawtley — Although this Quileute quote, when spoken by Jacob to Bella in New Moon, has a romantic connotation, the words– which translate into “stay with me forever”– can also express a pet parent’s “puppy love” for their new furry family member.


La Push — A good name for a barking buddy who loves the beach, La Push beach on the Quileute Indian Reservation was the place where Bella first heard the story of The Cold Ones. 

Lauren — Although not familiar to fans of the Twilight films, readers of the novels will recognize the name (which means “laurel tree” and “sweet of honor”) as that of Lauren Mallory, a student at Forks High School who resents Bella.  

Laurent —  Meaning “the bright one, the shining one,” Laurent was a nomadic vampire who was torn between living in peace among humans and following his vampire instincts. 

Leah — The name of the shape-shifting sister of Seth Clearwater and daughter of Happy Clearwater means “weary.”

Leann — The female counterpart to Bella and Edward’s classmate Lee Stephens mentioned in Life and Death, the name Leann means “light” and “beautiful woman.¨

Lee — A little-known character from Twilight, the first name of Bella and Edward’s high school classmate means “dweller by the wood or clearing.”

Liam — Among the vampires called by Carlisle to come to Forks in the final novel and movie of the series, the name Liam means “strong-willed warrior.”

Lion, Lamb — If you have just become a doting pet parent to a pair of pups, you could name them in honor one of Twilight’s most popular quotes:  “so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”

Logan —  A name known to readers of Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, Logan (a name meaning “little hollow”) is the male version of Lauren, a character from the novel Twilight which was cut from the script of the movie.

Lucy — A name which means “light,” Lucy was part of Maria’s Mexican coven.


Maggie — A member of the Irish coven seen briefly onscreen in Breaking Dawn Part 2, the name Maggie means “pearl.” (Here’s a little Twilight-themed trivia:  Actress Marlane Barnes, who portrayed Maggie, fosters dogs in need!)

Makenna — A name which means, appropriately enough “many gathered,” Makenna was a vampire who ventured with the Volturi to the Pacific Northwest to see Renesmee for themselves in Breaking Dawn.

 Marcus — Meaning both “to harvest” and “hammer” and linked with the god of war, Marcus was the name of a member of the Volturi coven. 

Maria — The name of the vampire who used Jasper as her “puppet” during the Civil War means “of the sea.”

Marie — A name for the true lover of Twilight-themed trivia, Marie (which has several wide-ranging meanings, including “sea of sorrow,” “rebellion” and “wished-for child”) is Bella’s middle name!

Mary –– Did you know that Mary (which means  “wished-for child” and “rebellion”) is Alice Cullen’s first name?

Masen — A name for the trivia-loving TwiHard, Masen was Edward’s surname during his days as a human.

McKayla — The female counterpart of high school student Mike Newton in Life and Death:  Twilight Reimagined, the name McKayla means ¨fiery.¨

Mike Newton — The first name of high school Bella’s buddy means “gift from God,” while the surname Newton means “new town.” 

Mimi — As in Mimi’s School of Dance, where Bella took ballet lessons as a child…and almost met her fate.  The name Mimi means “wished-for child.”

Monkey Man — Rosalie’s affectionate nickname for her vampire baseball-loving husband, Emmett.

Mr. Berty —  Another name for those devoted to Twilight triva, Mr. Berty was Bella and Edward’s English teacher in New Moon.

Mr. Molina — If a doggedly devoted Twilight fan is able to figure out that your canine companion was named after Bella and Edward’s biology teacher, you can tell them that they’ve won The Golden Onion!


Nahuel — Is your new canine companion an old soul?  You could name him after Breaking Dawn’s 150-year-old  half-human/ half-vampire.  The name is Native American, meaning “jaguar.”

Nessie —  Although short for Renesmee (and, as Bella points out, a nickname for the Loch Ness monster) Jacob’s cute sobriquet for Edward and Bella’s daughter is also a Greek name meaning “pure” and “chaste.”

Nettie — A name which means “clean,” Nettie was a bloodsucker who was present when Jasper was turned by Maria.

Newborn —  You could name your new pup after a recently turned vampire!

Nikki Reed — Appropriately bestowed with a name which means “victory for the people,” the actress who portrayed Rosalie Hale is a champion for human, environmental and animal causes!  She testified at the state capital in Sacramento, California for the Beagle Freedom Bill, which has since passed in many states,  allowing companion animals in labs the chance to live out the rest of their lives in a forever home once testing has come to an end.  A multi-pet parent, the actress also has spoken out against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation)  and has shown her support for the option of pet adoption.  

Nomad — If Rover loves to roam, you might want to name him or her after Twilight’s coven of supernatural wanderers. 


Olympic — Named for the Olympic Peninsula in which they reside, the Olympic coven consists of the Cullen clan, including Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice.

OME — True Twi-hards will recognize the initials of the phrase “Oh My Edward!¨


Paul — Meaning “humble” or “small,” Paul Lahote was a member of the Quileute wolf pack.

Peter — Meaning “stone,” Peter is both the first name of actor Peter Facinelli, who portrayed Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and the name of one of the Cullen family’s vampire friends who ventured to Forks to protect Rennesmee from the Volturi. 

Petite Jolie — The name of the Port Angeles boutique where Bella helped Angela and Jessica shop for prom dresses.

Phil — A shortened version of Philip, which means “lover of horses,” Phil was the name of Renee’s baseball player husband.

Pomegranate — A new word in the Twilight fandom, the fruit which graces the cover of Midnight Sun is ripe with symbolism ranging from the changing of the seasons to Jesus’ pain prior to the resurrection.  


Quil — Does your new pup possess a chocolate-colored coat? You might want to name him after Jacob’s friend and fellow shape-shifter, whose fur is dark when he transforms into a wolf.


Rachel — A sister of Jacob Black, Rachel means “ewe.”

Randall — A nomadic vampire who comes to the Cullen’s defense as a witness in Breaking Dawn, Randall means a combination of the words “shield” and “wolf.”

Rebecca — The name of Jacob Black’s sister means “servant of God.”

Renesmee — The unique name of the half human/half vampire child was created by joining two halves of her grandmother’s names– Renee (Bella’s mother) and Esme (Edward’s mother figure).  

Riley — Meaning “valiant,” Riley Biers helped to create a vampire army to fight against the Cullens.

Robert Pattinson —  Your new dog has a starring role in your life, so why not name him after Twilight’s leading man?  The name Robert means “bright fame,” while the surname Pattinson means “the son of Patrick.”

Robsten — You could go old school with your dog’s name by choosing the portmanteau made popular by fans when Twilight’s lead actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were an item. 

Rosalie — A name meaning “beautiful rose” was an appropriate choice for author Stephenie Meyer to make when selecting a moniker for a character thought to be the most beautiful person in the world. 

Royal — Meaning “of the king,” author Stephenie Meyer bestowed this regal name on the male counterpart of Rosalie Hale in the novel Life and Death.

RPattz — Fans’ nickname for Robert Pattinson during the height of Twilight mania.


Sam —   Does your dog possess leadership qualities?  If so, you might want to name him after the leader of the wolf pack, Sam Uley.  Short for Samuel, the name Sam means “God heard.”

Santiago — The name of the vampire who pursued Jacob and Renesmee in Breaking Dawns battle scene means “Saint James.”

Sasha — The name of the vampire who created an immortal child means “defender of mankind.”

Senna — A vampire who, along with her sister Zaphrina, ventured to Forks to act as a witness in Breaking Dawn Part Two, the name Senna means “brightness.”

Seth — Your new dog is the “newest, bestest, brightest” member of your pack, so why not name him after sweet-natured shape shifter Seth, whose name means “anointed” and “compensation.”

Siobhan — One of the vampires from around the globe who gathered as witnesses in Breaking Dawn Part Two, the name Siobhan means “God is gracious.”

Spartan — Fans of sports and Spots might want to name their new furry family member after the athletics teams at Forks High School, which happens to be located on South Spartan Avenue.

Spider Monkey ––  Edward’s nickname for Bella could be your dog’s name!

Stephenie — Just as Bella created a unique name for her daughter by combining the names of her mother and mother-in-law, so author Stephenie Meyer’s parents created a distinctive name for their child with a feminized version of Stephen, the name of the writer’s father. 

Sue — The mother of Leah and Seth Clearwater, the name Sue means “lily.”

Sulpicia — Book buffs will know that Volturi leader Aro has a wife. The name Sulpicia comes from one of Rome’s first families.

Swan — While some may think that you’ve named your new furry family member after the graceful bird, true Twilight fans will know that your canine companion’s moniker is an homage to Bella and her father, Charlie. 


Taha Aki — A spirit warrior and elder chief when the Quileute tribe first encountered The Cold Ones.

Tanya — A member of the Denali coven, Tanya’s name means “fairy queen.”

Taylor — Are you still Team Jacob? Then you might want to name your new fur baby after the actor who portrayed one third of the Jacob/Bella/Edward triangle, Taylor Lautner.  Taylor’s name means “cutter of the cloth.”

Thunderbird and Whale— Are you a bibliophile with two new barking buddies? You might want to select Twilight dog names of the bookstore where Bella purchased a book of Quileute legends.

Tia — A name meaning “goddess” or “godly,” was among the witnesses in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Toshiro — A vampire who met his fate at the hands of the Volturi, the name Toshiro means “talented” and “intelligent.”

Tulip — In the language of flowers, the petals of tulips can profess such emotions as true love, innocence and forgiveness. All of these attributes made the ruffled tulip on the cover of New Moon a much-loved symbol for Twilight fans. 

Twihard — Why not display your dedication to Twilight by naming your pal with paws after this popular nickname for fans of the franchise?

Twilight — Celebrate your love for the book that started it all by naming your new barking buddy after Stephenie Meyer’s YA supernatural romance novel.

Tyler — Meaning “tile maker,” Tyler Crowley was a friend of Bella at Forks High School.


Uley — Is your new canine companion already the leader of the pack? Why not give him the last name of Twilight’s shape-shifting Alpha wolf!


Valentina — A name known to fans who have watched deleted scenes from Breaking Dawn Part Two, Valentina (whose name means “strong” and “healthy”) was a vampire wannabe who acted as a secretary for the Voltri coven until meeting with their disapproval.

Vampire — Vamp for short.

Vasilii — Meaning “royal,” “kingly” or “protector,” Vasili was an immortal child. 

Vernonia — This tiny Oregon town acted as the town of Forks, Washington in several Twilight scenes.

Victor — The male equivalent of Victoria in Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, the name mean “conqueror.”

Victoria —  Meaning “victory,” author Stephenie Meyer gave this name to the villainous vampire who plots revenge on Edward and Bella following the demise of her mate.

Vitamin R —  A popular nickname for Charlie Swan’s preferred beverage, Rainier Beer.

Vladimir — One half of the duo Jacob dubbed “Dracula One and Two,” the name Vladimir means “of great power” and “bright and famous.”

Volterra — The Tuscan town where the Volturi reside.

Volturi — The ruling coven of the vampire world.


Washington— Known as “The Evergreen State,” why not declare your ageless devotion to both Twilight and your new tail-wagging chum by naming him or her after the state where Stephenie Meyer’s tale takes place?

Waylon Forge— The first name of Charlie’s chum/vampire’s victim means “land beside the road.”

Werewolf — A name for the dog who loves to bark at the moon.

Wolf — A good name for a dog who’s the leader of the pack.


Xavier — As in Xavier Samuel, who brought the character of Riley Biers to life (so to speak) in Eclipse.  The name Xavier has several meanings, including “bright,” “splendid” and “new house.”


Yorkie —  Although some may think that you’ve named your dog after the Yorkshire Terrier breed, Twihards will recognize the last name of Forks High School’s newspaper reporter, Eric Yorkie.

Yvette — A vampire with the Volturi, Yvette´s name means “yew.”


Zafrina — Rounding out our A – Z Twilight list, Zafrina was an Amazonian vampire who befriends the Cullen clan in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

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