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200+ Flower Names for Dogs {& Your Dog’s Birth Flower!}

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If you are a new pet parent who wants to look beyond garden variety names for your fur baby, why not pick a flower-inspired moniker from among the bouquet of botanical names we’ve dug up! We’ve unearthed flower names for dogs — as well as plant and tree names — for inspiration.

Flower Names for Girl Dogs


A favorite flower during the holiday season, the Amaryllis was seen by the Victorians as a symbol of a proud woman. A female Greek name, Amaryllis means “sparkle.”


The beautiful wildflower is closely associated with anticipation.


While this perennial can be connected to sinister symbolism, such as dark thoughts or a warning of impending misfortune, it can also speak of peace, individuality and gratitude in the language of flowers.


A poisonous plant with a pretty name, Belladonna may symbolize deception and death, but the name is a literal translation of ¨beautiful woman.¨


Picked by Spice Girl Geri Halliwell as the name for her daughter, the bluebell stands for gratitude and everlasting love.


A fitting name for the new dog as beautiful as a blossom, this name can also mean “to flourish,” an excellent choice for a shelter dog.


A bloom that plays a pivotal role in the literary classic To Kill a Mockingbird, the flowering plant represents adoration if the petals are white, yearning if the petals are pink and passion if the flowers are red.


In the language of flowers, the dahlia represents commitment and acts as a reminder to always be kind.


Although looked upon by some as a weed, the dandelion is a resilient flower that we can all be inspired by, as it seems determined to survive and thrive regardless of its environment.

It has been said that by blowing on a dandelion’s fluffy white puff and making a wish as its seeds scatter in the breeze your wish may turn into reality.

For all dogs named Dandelion, we wish them happiness with their forever pet parents!


If your dog’s Gotcha Day or birthday is celebrated in April, the daisy is his/her birth flower!

A perfect pick for a shelter or rescue dog, this fresh-faced flower is a botanical representation of new beginnings.

Meaning “day’s eye,” dogs dubbed Daisy will share their name with TV personality/model/animal advocate Daisy Fuentes, British actress Daisy Head, who has shown her support for such animal welfare organizations as Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and The Blue Cross, and Daisy Ridley, who rocketed to stardom through her portrayal of Rey in the Star Wars franchise.

The name has also been popularized by such fictional characters as Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, Daisy Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard, Hyacinth Bucket’s sister in the Britcom Keeping Up Appearances and the kitchen maid in Downton Abbey.


Meaning “confiding love,” the name of this vibrant purple/red flower would a perfect moniker for any dog, as our canine companions add so much color to our lives.


Dogs named after this fragrant flower will share the moniker with the naturalist for whom it was named, Dr. Alexander Garden.


A flower with as many meanings are there are variety of the bloom, geraniums can symbolize “gentility” and “true friendship.”


This flower’s petal color determine its meaning — with purple symbolizing admiration, pink standing for good luck and white representing protection.

Dogs dubbed Heather will share their name with actresses Heather Graham and Heather Locklear, as well as many women who were born in the 1970s when the moniker was at its peak of popularity in the United States.


This purple-petaled plant symbolizes eternal love.


The hibiscus, which is the state flower of Hawaii, symbolizes perfect beauty.

Sometimes it is also known as Rose of Sharon (the name of a character in John Steinbeck’s classic novel The Grapes of Wrath).


If your dog was born or adopted in June then the honeysuckle (a flower which symbolizes affection and happiness) is his or her birth flower.

The rose shares this distinction, and country music-loving pet parents may wish to combine the two flowers to form the name Honeysuckle Rose, which was the title of a film which starred Willie Nelson.


If you are a fan of British comedies, the name of this fragrant flower is synonymous with Hyacinth Bucket (“It’s pronounced “Bouquet!”) from the long-running Britcom Keeping Up Appearances.

Dogs dubbed Hyacinth will also share their name with another comical character, Hyacinth Hippo, the tutu-wearing hippopotamus from the Disney classic Fantasia.

Among its myriad meanings, the Hyacinth symbolizes play and sincerity.


Representing love and good luck, our four-legged friends called after this flower will share a name with actress Jasmine Guy, model Jasmine Tookes, model and heiress Jasmine Guinness, and the fictional princess from the Disney flick Aladdin.


If your dog celebrates a Gotcha Day or birthday in February, then the iris is his/her birth flower!

The official state flower of Tennessee, the iris is named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, and much like nature’s symbol of hope irises comes in a variety of hues, with each color interpreting a different meaning.

While white irises represent purity and blue stands for hope and faith, a yellow iris symbolizes passion and irises with purple petals mean both wisdom and royalty.


The official state flower of Pennsylvania, the petals on this evergreen shrub speak of perseverance.

Lavender plant names for dogs


Dogs named after this flowering plant share their name with a character from the beloved Harry Potter series (Lavender Brown) and author Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book Matilda. Lavender can convey royalty, elegance, purity and devotion.


Pet parents who happen to live in New Hampshire can name their new furry family member after the official state flower!

Among its myriad of meanings, the lilac symbolizes the innocence of youth.

lily dog name


Although it has always been a perennial favorite, in recent years Lily has blossomed into one of the most popular flower names for dogs.

If you pick the pretty moniker for your baby fur girl, she will share her name with British singer Lily Allen, actress Lily Collins and model Lily Cole.

Among its many meanings, the lily represents purity, passion, renewal and rebirth. (Note: lilies are toxic to dogs and cats.)


This delicate flower speaks of sensitivity in the language of flowers.


Are you thinking of naming your dog after the flowers of this pretty plant? Your pup will share her name with Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter books and movies, as well as Myrtle Wilson, a character found in the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic The Great Gatsby. Myrtle flowers as symbols of love and joy.


Did you know that Pansy was author Margaret Mitchell’s original pick as a name for her plucky lead character Scarlett O’Hara in her novel Gone With the Wind? While the flower-influenced moniker didn’t make the cut in that literary classic, the name does appear in Portrait of a Lady by Edith Wharton.

Pansies are associated with thoughts in the language of flowers.


The official state flower of Indiana, the peony symbolizes prosperity, compassion and a happy marriage. (In fact, the perennial is a flower which is frequently used to celebrate 12th wedding anniversaries.)


The pretty petals of this perennial send a message of everlasting love and the fulfillment of dreams in flower-speak.


The Petunia can mean the feeling of comfort in someone’s presence.

This flower also shares its name with the animated lady love of the classic cartoon character Porky Pig.


Although associated with both sleep (think of the field of poppies that Dorothy and her fantastical friends walk through on their way to The Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz) and death (the flowers have become a symbol of the brave men who lost their lives in World War I), the poppy also represents hope.

Pups named after this botanical burst of color will share their name with model Poppy Delevigne and actress Poppy Montgomery.


In the language of flowers, the five-petaled blossoms say “Ï can’t live without you.¨

Dogs named after one of the first flowers to bloom in springtime will share their name with Primrose Everdeen, Katniss´s sister in the Suzanne Collins novels and subsequent movie franchise The Hunger Games.


The official state flower of New York and official birth flower (along with honeysuckle) of Fidos born or adopted in June, the rose represents a number of positive meanings including:

  • friendship
  • joy
  • gratitude
  • admiration
  • love at first sight

From actresses Rose Leslie, Rose McGowan and Rose Marie; sports stars Rose Lavelle and political matriarch Rose Kennedy to the iconic character of Rose DeWitt Bukater/Dawson in Titanic, the queen of the garden reigns supreme as the most popular floral-themed name on our list.


Did you know that this pretty perennial is also known as the dog flower? While the snapdragon can symbolize deception, it also represents graciousness.


The official state flower of Kansas, this cheery flower represents loyalty.

Sweet Pea

By choosing this term of endearment as the name of a tail-wagging chum pet parents are saying (in the language of flowers) that their dog brings “blissful pleasure” into their lives.


The five-petaled cluster blooms represent sensibility and enchantment.

If your fur baby was born or adopted in February, the violet is his/her birth flower!

The violet is a bloom with several meanings in flower-speak:

  • A white violet says “let’s take a chance on happiness.”
  • A blue violet tells its receiver that “I’ll always be true.”

If you select Violet from our list of flower names for dogs, she will share her name with Titanic survivor Violet Jessop and the fictional Dowager Countess of Grantham from Downton Abbey.

The violet has also been selected by several states (Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Wisconsin) as its official state flower.


This cheerful bloom represents of virtual bouquet of meanings which range from a reminder of pleasant memories to eternal love.

The name Zinnia has appeared in books by children’s authors Roald Dahl and Sharon Creech.

Gender Neutral Dog Names


The Aster is also a September birth flower; among its many meanings, the Aster symbolizes patience, elegance, charm and love.

bluebonnet -- flower names for dogs


If you are in a Lone Star state of mind when you are mulling over possible flower names for dogs, why not pick the official state flower of Texas as the name for your pup? (More Texas dog names)


The official state flower of Ohio is the birth flower of fur babies born or adopted in January.

In flower-speak the Carnation (which is closely associated with Mother’s Day) represents feelings of admiration and love.


Was your dog born or adopted in November? If so, then the Chrysanthemum is his or her birth flower! The Chrysanthemum can symbolize joy and longevity.


A flower from Mexico which adds vibrant pops of color to the summer season, all varieties of Cosmos are strongly linked to feelings of love. Cosmos is one of the two birth flowers for the month of October.


A bloom that stands for friendship, faithfulness and respect in flower-speak, if your fur baby’s Gotcha Day or birthday is in March, then the Daffodil is her birth flower.


If your fur baby’s Gotcha Day or birthday is in August, the gladiola is his/her birth flower! Among the flower’s many meanings are “faithfulness, sincerity and integrity.”

Johnny Jump Up

Known by many names, including heart’s ease, heart’s delight, wild pansy, love-in-idleness, and its official moniker, Viola Tricolor.

This flower– which appears in Shakespeare’s classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Taming of the Shrew— means “you are in my thoughts” or “you occupy my thoughts.”


Was your fur baby born or adopted in the month of March? If so, this beautiful botanical native of northeastern Africa and southern Europe is his/her birth flower! The cheerful yellow blossoms translate into “domestic bliss” and “friendship” in the language of flowers.


If your canine companion’s birthday or Gotcha Day falls in July, then this fast-growing bloom which represents an open heart in flower-speak.


The official state flower of Massachusetts in honor of the ship of the same name which carried the first settlers to America, the Mayflower stands for new beginnings.

Morning Glory

If your fur baby was born or adopted in the month of September, then the morning glory is your dog’s birth flower!


A flower which, according to Chinese culture, brings good luck, the orchid speaks of many things in the language of flowers.

Each color of orchid represents different meanings:

  • A white orchid is said to denote purity and elegance.
  • Blue blossoms represent peace and strength.
  • Petals in the shade of purple symbolize royalty and dignity.
  • Yellow orchids stand for friendship and joy.
  • Orange orchids are a sign of enthusiasm.


Sometimes referred to as “angel flower,” this medicinal herb symbolizes healing, inspiration and protection.

Plant Names for Dogs


We think the name of this spiny plant would be an excellent plant dog name for a dog who, like the cactus, has persevered through difficult conditions.


The birth flower of those born in December, Holly plants are a staple of the holiday season.

From the character of Holly Golightly, who was brought to life on the big screen by Audrey Hepburn in the big screen adaptation of Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, to Academy Award-winning actress Holly Hunter, actress Holly Marie Combs and reality personality Holly Madison, canines called after this flowering plant will share her name with a virtual bouquet of Hollys.

Ivy (one of the most popular flower names for dogs)

A perennial plant, ivy is a botanical representation of immortality and faithfulness.

Dogs named after the verdant vines will share a name with reggaeton singer Ivy Queen, and the fictional character Ivy Stuart, a kitchen maid in the TV phenomenon Downton Abbey.

Tree Names for Dogs


For fur baby born or adopted in May, the flower from the Hawthorn tree (along with fellow flower lily-of-the-valley) is his or her birth flower!

The white-petaled blooms from a plant which symbolizes happiness and home, the Hawthorn is the official state flower of Missouri.


The official state flower of both Louisiana and Mississippi, the blooms of the magnolia tree represent purity, dignity and nobility.

Dogs dubbed Magnolia share their name with a character from the classic Edna Ferber novel Show Boat, which became a popular Broadway and big screen musical.

Birth Flower Names

Would you like to choose a flower name based on the month of your dog’s birth or adoption? Just like birthstones for each months, there are also flowers for every birth/adoption month: birth flowers!

  • January: Carnation and Snowdrop
  • February: Violet
  • March: Jonquil and Daffodil
  • April: Daisy and Sweet Pea
  • May: Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley
  • June: Honeysuckle and Rose
  • July: Larkspur and Water Lily
  • August: Gladiolus and Poppy
  • September: Morning Glory and Aster
  • October: Cosmos and Marigold
  • November: Chrysanthemum and Peony
  • December: Holly and Narcissus

White Flower Names for Dogs

Do you have a newly-adopted puppy or dog with white fur? Here’s a list of white flowers that just might make the perfect name:

  • Aster
  • Azalea
  • Baby’s-Breath
  • Bacopa
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Calla Lily
  • Camellia
  • Chamomile
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Daffodil
  • Dahlia
  • Datura
  • Dianthus
  • Dogwood
  • Fan Flower
  • Foxglove
  • Gardenia
  • Hibiscus
  • Hydrangea
  • Iris
  • Jasmine
  • Lobelia
  • Magnolia
  • Mariposa Lily
  • Moonflower
  • Nemesia
  • Nettle
  • Peony
  • Petunia
  • Prickly Poppy
  • Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Rock Jasmine
  • Rose
  • Sand Verbena
  • Snapdragon
  • Snowdrop
  • Tulip
  • Wisteria
  • Yarrow

State Flowers as Puppy Names

State Flowers as Puppy Names

Did you adopt your dog from another state–or perhaps his breed, like the Louisiana Catahoula or Alaskan Malamute, harks back to a particular state? Each state has its own state flower (and, in some cases, even a state wildflower!)

  • Alabama: Camellia and Oak-leaf Hydrangea (Wildflower). Hydrangea is a bit of a mouthful but Hydra would be a beautiful dog name!
  • Alaska: Forget-me-not
  • Arizona: Saguaro Cactus Blossom. You’ve got several name options here!
  • Arkansas: Apple Blossom. Both these words make popular dog names.
  • California: California Poppy. Poppy is always one of the most popular flower names for dogs.
  • Colorado: Rocky Mountain Columbine.
  • Connecticut: Mountain Laurel. Laurel is an excellent name–or you can go for the Children’s State Flower: Michaela Petit’s Four-O’Clocks.
  • Delaware: Peach Blossom. Both Peach and Peachy–as well as Blossom–are good options.
  • District of Columbia: American Beauty Rose (or go with Rosa, the scientific name!)
  • Florida: Orange Blossom. This would be a fun name for a dog with orangish-red fur! You could also go with the State Wildflower–Tickseed–but we wouldn’t recommend it!
  • Georgia: Cherokee Rose and Azalea (state wildflower) are both beautiful choices.
  • Hawaii: Hawaiian Hibiscus
  • Idaho: Syringa or mock orange
  • Illinois: Violet and Milkweed (state wildflower)
  • Indiana: Peony
  • Iowa: Wild Rose
  • Kansas: Sunflower
  • Kentucky: Goldenrod
  • Louisiana: Magnolia and Louisiana Iris (wildflower)
  • Maine: White pine cone and tassel. OK, again, that’s a bit too much to yell at the dog park, but Piney would be a pretty name!
  • Maryland: Black-Eyed Susan
  • Massachusetts: Mayflower
  • Michigan: Apple Blossom and Dwarf Lake Iris (wildflower)
  • Minnesota: Pink and White Lady’s Slipper
  • Mississippi: Magnolia and Tickseed (wildflower). If you are in love with the Tickseed, consider its scientific name: Coreopsis.
  • Missouri: Hawthorn
  • Montana: Bitterroot. That’s another that’s not going to roll off the tongue…but its scientific name, Lewisia rediviva, has possibilities!
  • Nebraska: Goldenrod
  • Nevada: Sagebrush
  • New Hampshire: Purple Lilac and Pink Lady’s Slipper (wildflower)
  • New Jersey: Violet
  • New Mexico: Yucca flower
  • New York: Rose
  • North Carolina: Flowering Dogwood and Carolina Lily (wildflower)
  • North Dakota: Wild Prairie Rose
  • Ohio: Scarlet Carnation and Large White Trillium (wildflower)
  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma Rose and Indian blanket (state wildflower). Mistletoe is the state floral emblem.
  • Oregon: Oregon Grape
  • Pennsylvania: Mountain Laurel and Jacob’s Ladder (wildflower.) Penngift Crown Vetch (beautification and conservation plant)
  • Puerto Rico: Flor de Maga
  • Rhode Island: Violet (and the scientific name, Viola, is a good flower name, too!)
  • South Carolina: Yellow Jessamine and Goldenrod (state wildflower)
  • South Dakota: Pasque Flower
  • Tennessee: Iris and two wildflowers: Purple passionflower and Tennessee purple coneflower
  • Texas: Bluebonnet
  • Utah: Sego lily
  • Vermont: Red Clover
  • Virgin Islands: Yellow Elder
  • Virginia: American Dogwood
  • Washington: Coast Rhododendron. Well, Rhododendron is a bit much but Rhodo would be fun!
  • West Virginia: Rhododendron
  • Wisconsin: Wood Violet
  • Wyoming: Indian Paintbrush

State Trees as Dog Names

State Trees as Dog Names

Whether you are honoring your home state, a favorite vacation spot or the state from which your newly-adopted dog hails, here’s a list of state trees that make cute dog names:

  • Alabama: Longleaf Pine. Piney would be a fun dog name!
  • Alaska: Sitka Spruce
  • Arizona: Blue Palo Verde. This one is also a bit much for calling–but Palo (stick or wood) would be a fun name for a dog who loves to fetch! (Palo is pronounced like it looks pal-o, not like paleo.)
  • Arkansas: Loblolly Pine
  • California: Coast Redwood and Giant Sequoia
  • Colorado: Colorado Blue Spruce
  • Connecticut: White Oak
  • Delaware: American Holly
  • District of Columbia: Scarlet Oak
  • Florida: Sabal Palm
  • Georgia: Southern Live Oak
  • Hawaii: Candlenut tree. Candlenut is a mouthful but this tree’s Hawaiian name is a beautiful choice: Kukui.
  • Idaho: Western White Pine
  • Illinois: White Oak
  • Indiana: Tulip Tree
  • Iowa: Oak
  • Kansas: Eastern Cottonwood
  • Kentucky: Tulip Tree
  • Louisiana: Bald Cypress
  • Maine: Eastern White Pine
  • Maryland: White Oak
  • Massachusetts: American Elm
  • Michigan: Eastern White Pine
  • Minnesota: Red Pine
  • Mississippi: Southern Magnolia
  • Missouri: Flowering Dogwood
  • Montana: Ponderosa Pine
  • Nebraska: Eastern Cottonwood
  • Nevada: Single-leaf Pinyon and Great Basin Bristlecone pine
  • New Hampshire: American White Birch
  • New Jersey: Northern Red Oak
  • New Mexico: Piñon Pine
  • New York: Sugar Maple
  • North Carolina: Pine
  • North Dakota: American Elm
  • Ohio: Ohio Buckeye
  • Oklahoma: Eastern Redbud
  • Oregon: Douglas Fir
  • Pennsylvania: Eastern Hemlock. These trees are unrelated to the poisonous hemlock plant. If you are looking for a shorter name, these are the Tsuga type of conifer trees.
  • Puerto Rico: Ceiba
  • Rhode Island: Red Maple
  • South Carolina: Sabal Palm
  • South Dakota: Black Hills Spruce
  • Tennessee: Tulip Tree
  • Texas: Pecan
  • Utah: Quaking Aspen
  • Vermont: Sugar Maple
  • Virginia: Flowering Dogwood
  • Washington: Western Hemlock
  • West Virginia: Sugar Maple
  • Wisconsin: Sugar Maple
  • Wyoming: Plains Cottonwood

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