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75 Downton Abbey Dog Names You’ll Love

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From the moment we saw a yellow Labrador Retriever’s tail wagging in time to the theme music during the opening credits, dog lovers everywhere became fascinated with the television phenomenon Downton Abbey. Whether you are looking for an elegant Edwardian era name or would like to pay tribute to your favorite character from the long-running series, here’s a list of potential Downton Abbey dog names for the latest member of your fur family!

Dog Names Inspired by Downton Abbey

What’s the Dog’s Name in Downton Abbey?

For several seasons of the series, Isis was the faithful canine companion of Robert Crawley, the Earl of Grantham.

Isis was named after the Egyptian goddess in honor of the 5th Earl of Carnarvon, who discovered King Tut’s tomb. In real life, the yellow Labrador Retriever answered to the name “Abbie.”

Downton Abbey Dog Names Starting with A

Alfred— Pet parents craving a sage name for Spot could select the moniker of Downton’s footman/aspiring chef, whose name meaning “elf counsel” or “wise counsel.”

Amelia— The name of Lord Merton’s daughter-in-law means “work” or “striving.”

Andy— Short for Andrew, which means “masculine,” Andy (the footman who falls for kitchen maid Daisy in the final season of the series) was brought to life on screen by actor Michael C. Fox, who– along with his dog, Teddy– took part in Cruelty Free International’s campaign against the use of animals in laboratory experiments.

Anna— Meaning “beautiful” and “full of grace,” writer Julian Fellows could not have chosen a more appropriate name for Downton’s long-suffering lady’s maid. Joanne Froggatt, who portrayed Anna, also starred in the uplifting tale A Street Cat Named Bob.

Anthony— Sir Anthony Strallan may have left Lady Edith at the altar, but no doubt dogs dubbed Anthony will live up to the meaning of the name– “priceless one” and “highly praiseworthy.”

Atticus While the name might best be known to lovers of literature for Scout’s stout-hearted lawyer father Atticus Finch in the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the moniker (which means “man from Attica”) was also used in the popular British series as the name of Lady Rose’s husband.


Bagshaw— Making her Downton debut in the 2019 feature film, Lady Maud Bagshaw is a Lady in Waiting to Queen Mary. The character is portrayed by actress Imelda Staunton, who is known by Harry Potter fans as Miss Umbridge, and by fans of Fidos and felines for her real life role as a supporter of The Mayhew Animal Home.

Bates— The surname of Robert Crawley’s mysterious valet, Bates was portrayed by actor Brendan Coyle. Coyle, along with many of his fellow Downton cast mates, has helped to raise awareness of Animals Asia, a charity which has rescued hundreds of bears from bile farms in China, and has helped efforts to end the dog and cat meat trade.

Baxter— A surname which means “baker,” Baxter was The Countess of Grantham’s lady’s maid.

Bertie— A shortened form of Herbert, which means “illustrious warrior” or “bright,” Bertie Pelham, the 7th Marquess of Hexham, was the name of the man who won the heart of Lady Edith.

Beryl— The name of a precious stone, Beryl (which means “sea-green jewel”) is the given name of the character who is better known by her surname– Mrs. Patmore.

Branson— The name of everyone’s favorite chauffeur turned estate manager means “son of the raven” or “sword”.


Carlisle— The surname of Lady Mary’s dastardly fiance, Carlisle means “from the walled city.”

Carson— Is your dog distinguishes and devoted to your family? His name can be a nod to Downton’s dedicated butler.

Charles, Charlie— Downton’s loyal butler, Lady Mary’s season four romantic interest, housemaid Ethel’s child…Charles (which means “man”), as well as its diminutive form, was the most popular name in the long-running series. Actor Jim Carter, who portrayed Mr. Carson, has shown support for The Mayhew Animal Home, the animal charity where he and his wife (actress Imelda Staunton, who appears in the Downton Abbey movie) found their fur baby. Charlie definitely ranks as one of the most popular Downton Abbey dog names!

Clarkson— A surname meaning “son of the clerk,” Clarkson was the name of the series’ trusted doctor.

Cora— Meaning “maiden” or “daughter,” Cora is the given name of The Countess of Grantham.

Crawley— Fans of the popular series might want to name Fido after the fictional upper crust family who live in the aristocratic abode of Downton Abbey.


Daisy— Plant and flower-themed names were popular in Victorian and Edwardian England, which is reflected in the monikers of several Downton characters– Rose, Marigold, Violet, Ivy, and the name of everyone’s favorite kitchen maid. Daisy, which means “day’s eye,” was portrayed by actress Sophie McShera, who has used her star wattage to shine a spotlight on such organizations as Medical Detection Dogs and Finding Shelter Animal Rescue.

MASSIVE thanks to @lesley_nicol for her support of #VictoriasLaw & for getting @DowntonAbbey costars Jim Carter, Phyllis Logan & Sophie McShera on board to support as well! We appreciate all of these incredible people so much! @SenKillion @SenatorDinniman #VforVictoria

— Finding Shelter (@FindingShelterA) July 8, 2019

Denker– A German word meaning “thinker,” the name of The Dowager Countess’s lady’s maid would be an apt moniker for any intellectual tailwagger! The character of Denker was portrayed on the small screen by Sue Johnston, a proud multi-pet parent who acts as patron of the UK animal welfare charity Save Our Spaniels. which helps Spaniels around the world who have been abandoned or surrendered to a kill shelter.

Donk– How about Sybbie’s sweet sobriquet for her grandfather as a name for an adorable dog?

Downton— Pet parents can pay the ultimate compliment to the popular series by naming their pal with paws after the home of the Crawley clan!


Edith— The name of the long-suffering, yet ultimately triumphant, second Crawley daughter means “riches” or “blessed.” The part of Edith has been played by actress Laura Carmichael, who– along with several other members of the Downton cast– stepped in front of the camera to decry the horror of the Yulin dog meat festival in a PSA for the Soi Dog Foundation.

Edna— The name of Downton’s former housemaid means “pleasure” or “delight”…words that describe what a new fur baby brings to a pet parent’s life!

Elsie— Although not often used in the script, Elsie is the first name of Downton’s head housekeeper, Mrs. Hughes. Meaning “God’s promise” or “pledged to God,” Elsie Hughes is portrayed by actress Phyllis Logan, who has shown her support for Finding Shelter Animal Rescue’s campaign Victoria’s Law, which would require that all Pennsylvania pet stores only offer adoptable companion animals from animal shelters or rescues.

Ethel— Meaning “noble maiden,” writer Julian Fellowes chose the name for Downton’s ambitious housemaid.

Evelyn— Although known in the US primarily as a girl’s name, in the Edwardian era Evelyn was also a popular first name for boys. Meaning “desired,” in the world of Downton Abbey The Honourable Evelyn Napier was a friend of Mr. Pamuk.


George— A name which means “tiller of the soil,” dogs dubbed George will share a moniker not only with fictional Downton’s little heir, but also a real life heir to the title of King!

Gladys— One of the most popular girls’ names in Edwardian England, Gladys was the given name of The Dowager Countess’ lady’s maid, Denker.

Grantham— No doubt your new pup will be lord of the manor, so why not give him a name inspired by Downton’s titled guardian?

Gregson— A surname which is believed to have originated from the first name Gregory, Gregson was Lady Edith’s ill-fated suitor.

Gwen— The name given to the housemaid who, with a little assistance from Lady Sybil, made her dream of becoming a secretary come true, means fair” or “blessed.”


Henry— Aptly meaning “ruler,” Henry has been the name of eight British kings– and the ruler of the race track who finally won Lady Mary’s heart.

Highclere— The “reel life” residence of the Crawley family is the real life home of Lord and Lady Carnarvon and the seven members of their fur family!

Hugh— Meaning “hear, mind, spirit,” Hugh was the given name of Hugh “Shrimpy” MacClare.

Mrs. Hughes— While it is one of the most common surnames in England, the name of Downton’s soft-hearted head housekeeper could be a sweet moniker for a pet parent’s one-of-a-kind canine.


Isobel— Meaning “God is my oath,” writer Julian Fellowes gave the name to The Dowager Countess’s friend and sparring partner. The character of Matthew’s mother is portrayed by actress Penelope Wilson, who– along with actors Dame Judi Dench, Ricky Gervais and fellow Downton stars Laura Carmichael and Peter Egan– helped to shine a light on the horror on the dog meat trade in Thailand in a heartbreaking PSA for the Soi Dog Foundation.

Ivy— An evergreen plant which represents faithfulness, the name of Downton’s kitchen maid is certain to grow on you!


Jack— Jack, which means “God is gracious,” was the name of Lady Rose’s jazz-singing suitor.

James, Jimmy— Meaning “one who follows,” dog lovers can follow in the footsteps of Ed Speleers, the actor who portrayed Downton’s vain footman, by showing support for the UK charity Pets As Therapy. In 2013, the star (and pet parent to a Border Collie named Frank) was among a throng 30,000 strong as he ran in the London Marathon to raise funds for the charity.

Jane— Meaning “Jehovah has been gracious,” Jane was the widowed maid who fell for The Earl of Grantham.

Joseph— A name which means “he will add,” the moniker was the given name of Molesley.


Kamal— Meaning “perfection’ and “excellence, the name is an apt description of both the dashing Mr. Pamuk, and every pet parent’s new fur baby!


Lavinia— A classic name found in both Roman mythology and the works of William Shakespeare, Lavinia was the ill-fated fiancee of Matthew Crawley.

Lucy— Portrayed by actress Tuppence Middleton (a proud pet parent to a cat called Archimedes), lady’s maid Lucy Smith is a new character in the world of Downton Abbey, making her debut in the 2019 feature film. The name Lucy means “light” or “bringer of light.”


Mabel— The first name of The Honourable Mabel Lane Fox means “lovable” or “dear.’

Marigold— Another lovely pick from Downton‘s bouquet of flower names, the moniker of Lady Edith’s daughter is a combination of the name”Mary” and the word “gold.”

Martha— Meaning “mistress” or “lady,” Martha Levinson was the formidable mother of the Countess of Grantham, Cora Crawley. Martha was portrayed by entertainment legend Shirley MacLaine, a high-profile pet parent to a rescue dog adopted from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society. The Academy Award winner has helped to raise funds for the New Mexico organization where she found her canine companion, and narrated a video which highlighted the history of the American Humane Association.

Matthew— Meaning “Gift from God,” dogs given the name will share it with the beloved late heir of the Downton estate.

Mary— A fitting name for one of Downton‘s more mercurial characters, Mary can mean both “bitter” and “rebellious” or “Beloved.” Mary Crawley was portray by actress Michelle Dockery, who joined with several of her Downton castmates to raise funds at an Animals Asia fundraiser.

Mr. Mason— The kindly farmer who took Daisy under his wing was portrayed by actor Paul Copley, a friend of felines who has often helped the UK charity Cats Protection.

Merton— Meaning “town by the lake,” Downton fans will remember Lord Merton as the aristocrat who won the heart of Isobel Crawley.

Molesely— The surname of a character who wore many hats, from footman, butler and valet to teacher, means “peat bog” or “mouse clearing.”


O’Brien— The surname of the one-time lady’s maid to The Countess of Grantham means “exalted one.”


Pamuk— The surname of the debonair Turkish diplomat means “cotton.”

Mrs. Patmore— Downton’s kind-hearted head cook is portrayed by Lesley Nicol, an animal advocate who acts as an ambassador of Animals Asia, patron of Medical Detection Dogs, and is a supporter of Finding Shelter Animal Rescue and Many Tears Animal Rescue, where she found her furry family member, Freddie.

Pharaoh— Although his name was never mentioned in the series, the title of an ancient Egyptian ruler was the name of the pup whose wagging tail signaled the start of each eagerly-anticipated episode Downton Abbey. In real life, the yellow Labrador Retriever, who starred in the first season of the series, answered to the name “Roly.”

Phyllis–A name from Greek mythology, Phyllis is the given name of lady’s maid Baxter.


Robert— Meaning “bright fame,” Robert Crawley (AKA The Earl of Grantham) is portrayed by actor Hugh Bonneville, who always carried plenty of treats in his pockets for his canine co-stars!

Richard— The first name of tabloid publisher Richard Carlisle means “strong ruler.”

Rosamund— The name of the Dowager Countess of Grantham’s daughter means “rose of the world.”

Rose— Another pretty name for pet parents to possibly pick from the virtual bouquet of flower-influenced Downton monikers, the character of Rose MacClare was portrayed by actress Lily James, who– along with her Mamma Mia 2 co-star Amanda Seyfried– helped to raise funds for both UK’s Red Nose Day and the US animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society.


Sarah— Meaning “Princess” or “noblewoman,” Sarah was the first name of two strong-willed Downton characters– teacher with a sarcastic streak Sarah Bunting and conniving lady’s maid O’Brien.

Shrimpy– The childhood nickname of Hugh MacClare, the Marquess of Flintshire. Actor Peter Egan, who brought the character to life, is a patron to a plethora of animal welfare organizations, including Animals Asia, All Dogs Matter, Nowzad, Save Suffering Strays in Sarajevo, Chaldon Animal Sanctuary, For Life on Earth, International Animal Rescue and International Wildlife Coalition Trust.

Spratt— Looking for an ironic name for your very significant Spot? The moniker of The Dowager Countess’s butler means a “small and insignificant person.”

Sybil, Sybbie— A name which refers to a “prophetess” or “fortune teller.” If a newly adopted fur baby who is named after the independent, and much lamented, member of the Crawley family could see the future she would enjoy a vision of happy days ahead with her forever pet parent!


Thomas— Downton’s crafty butler Thomas (which means “twin”) was portrayed by actor Robert James-Collier, who has shown his support for such UK animal charities as Animals Asia and Medical Detection Dogs.

Tiaa— In keeping with the Earl of Grantham’s tradition of choosing a name associated with ancient Egypt for his canine companions. Robert’s third family member with fur was named after the Queen consort of Pharaoh Amenhotep II. The pup who portrated Tiaa is named Pringle.

Tom— A shortened form of Thomas, Downton’s chauffeur turned family member Tom Branson was played by actor Allen Leech. It’s been said that the actor was a favorite of Abbey, the yellow Labrador Retriever who portrayed The Earl of Grantham’s faithful four-legged friend, Isis.

Tony— As all devoted pet parents know that the love of their dog is priceless, the first name of Lady Mary’s spurned suitor Lord Gillingham, which mean “priceless one,” would be an apt choice for a buddy who barks!


Vera— Although the name of a Downton villain, Vera– which means “truth” or “faith”– is a lovely vintage moniker for a canine companion.

Victoria— Although she was never seen on screen, the name of Lady Rose and Atticus Aldridge’s baby (which was popularized by the British royal family member for whom an age was named), certainly deserves a mention.

Violet— In the language of flowers a purple violet means “thoughts were occupied with love.” Why not show your love for your fur baby, The Dowager Countess of Grantham and Dame Maggie Smith by choosing the popular Victorian era name for your dog?


William— Meaning “resolute protector” or “strong-willed warrior,” the name of kitchen maid Daisy’s doomed suitor would be an appropriate moniker for a courageous canine.

Titles to Add to Your Dog’s Downton Name

For an extra element of Downton elegance, you can add a title to your dog’s name, such as:

  • Countess
  • Duchess
  • The Earl of
  • Lady
  • Lord

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