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Repetitive Dog Names – Easy Two Syllable Names for Your Dog to Learn!

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Repetitive dog names — ones that repeat the same sound in two syllables — are among the easiest names for your new dog to learn. After all, he or she is hearing that new name not once but twice every time you speak it!

Technically these repetitive names are called exact reduplication words, ones where the first and second syllable are exactly repeated. (There are also reduplications that aren’t exact like Okey-Dokey, Flip-Flop or Hocus-Pocus.)

Reduplication words are also similar to “baby talk” because this is how we learn to talk, babbling a sound repeatedly. They’re easy for a baby to say and learn–and they’re fast for a dog to learn, too.

I can personally attest to the speed at which pets learn repetitive names. Years ago, we adopted a one-month-old stray kitten who had been found abandoned at our post office. We named her Coco. She learned her name faster than any cat or dog we’ve ever had!

Repetitive Dog Names - Easy Two Syllable Names for Your Dog to Learn!

Easy Repetitive Two-Syllable Dog Names and Meanings

  • Aye-Aye: basically message received in nautical terms (or if you’re a pirate)
  • B.B.: As in blues musician B.B. King
  • Barbar: Spanish verb for to grow a beard or to take root. Nickname for our dog Barli (who does have the cutest little beard)
  • Baba: father or sir in many parts of Asia and South Asia; papa in Arabic
  • Bebe: Spanish and French for baby
  • Bibi: Indian term for wife; French for toy; derived from Arabic for lady of importance; Swahili for grandmother
  • Bobo: foolish; a name in Ghana for one who is born on a Tuesday
  • BooBoo: minor accident; this would also be a fun name for a dog adopted near Halloween
  • Bubu: “step by step” in Mandarin Chinese
  • Cece: derived from Latin meaning “blind one” or a diminutive for Cecilia
  • Chacha: Swahili name for strong man; Indian term for uncle; a Latin dance
  • Chin Chin: a UK term that’s used for hello, goodbye or cheers
  • Cici: blind, from the Latin word caecus (as is Cece)
  • Cin Cin: an Italian toast, like cheers
  • Coco: coco palm or coconut; Coco Chanel the French designer
  • CouCou: an informal version of hi or hello in French
  • Dada: father; elder brother in Bengali
  • D.D.
  • DeeDee: like Dede, meaning swarthy
  • Dede: a Welsh name meaning swarthy or divine.
  • Didi: Hindi for older sister
  • Fifi: a diminutive of Josephine
  • FooFoo: a West African dish (sometimes found in the Caribbean, too) made by boiling a starchy vegetable like yam, plantain or cassava
  • FruFru: showy or frilly
  • FuFu: an alternate spelling of FooFoo
  • Gaga: crazy or crazy enthusiasm; Lady Gaga
  • Gigi: a name of French origin meaning God is gracious or a name for your supermodel dog
  • J.J.: usually a nickname for someone with two names that begin with the letter J
  • Jojo: a diminutive of Joseph or Josephine
  • Juju: magical properties affiliated with luck
  • Kiki: Hawaiian term for child
  • Koko: Japanese word for here or this place; Maori for bay or inlet
  • Lala: Although Lala is usually pronounced as LAY-la, it can also be pronounced la-la, as in La La Land.
  • LeeLee: girl’s name of French origin meaning lily
  • Lili: Hebrew name for oath of God
  • Lolo: grandfather in Tagalog; Hawaiian word for goofy
  • LouLou: like Lulu, this name means famous warrior
  • Lulu: a girl’s name of English origin that means famous warrior
  • Mama: mother
  • Mimi: Hebrew name meaning wished-for child
  • Momo: Japanese name meaning peach; slang for an unintelligent person
  • MuuMuu: a loose Hawaiian dress
  • Nana: grandmother
  • Nini: a silly person; talkative in Mandarin Chinese
  • Papa: father; Spanish for potato
  • Pippi: a Norse name for “lover of horses,” forever linked to Pippi Longstocking
  • Pompom: No, you don’t have to be welcoming a Pomeranian puppy into your household to choose this name that refers to a cheerleader’s pom-pom or a tuft of yarn on a hat–perfect for either an exuberant puppy or a dog with a tightly curled, puffy tail.
  • Roro: an Indonesian name that means nobility or royalty; an acronym of a shipping term for Roll-On, Roll-Off
  • Ta-Ta: an informal UK saying for goodbye
  • Taotao: meaning “little human,” these carved statues are found in the Philippines and represent ancestor spirits
  • YaYa: Gumbo Yaya is a Cajun phrase meaning when everyone talks at once; Greek nickname for grandmother
  • YiaYia: Greek nickname for grandmother
  • YoYo: to move back and forth; a yoyo string toy
  • Vivi: derived from the Latin word for alive or lively
  • WooWoo: a term usually used in a derogatory manner to describe someone who accepts supernatural or unscientific beliefs
  • Z.Z.: as in Z.Z. Top
  • Zaza: a Biblical name that means belonging to all
  • ZeeZee: Zee means “sea” in Dutch
  • Zizi: a Hungarian name meaning God’s promise
  • Zozo: a legendary demon that people make contact with when trying to summon the dead using a Ouija board
  • ZsaZsa: This Hungarian name meaning “God is my oath” is most often linked with actress Zsa Zsa Gabor and makes a perfect name for a glamorous little dog.
  • Zuzu: a Czech name for Lily; a Chinese name meaning “little pearl”

Double Chinese Names

Just as many Spanish names indicate smallness or affection by adding -ita or -ito to the word, Chinese words often use reiterative locution–literally repeating the word–to create a charming nickname!

  • Bǎo Bɑo: baby or honey
  • Qiú Qiu: ball, perfect for the dog who loves to fetch
  • Fēi Fēi: Beautiful
  • Ge Ge: brother
  • Mei Mei: sister
  • Niū Niū: little girl
  • Qí Qi: This is a type of jade but is used as a nickname meaning precious.
  • ZhuZhu: little pig
  • Xiào Xiao: happiness

Famous Double Panda Names

Famous pandas with double names

Following the Chinese naming style of repeating words, many famous pandas born around the world have been given repetitive names.

Whether your new dog is just a lovable ball of fur like a little panda or a black and white fur baby, check out these famous panda names that might make good repetitive dog names:

  • Bao Bao
  • Bei Bei
  • Chi Chi
  • Chuang Chuang
  • Gao Gao
  • Gu Gu
  • Hsing-Hsing
  • Ling Ling
  • Ming Ming
  • Pan Pan
  • Shi Shi
  • Tao Tao
  • Tian Tian
  • Tuan Tuan
  • Wang Wang
  • Xiang Xiang
  • Xin Xin
  • Zhen Zhen

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Repetitive Dog Names - The Two Syllable, Easiest Names for Your Puppy to Learn
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