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Belgian Malinois Names {Male + Female}

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Are you looking for a name for your new Malinois? We’ve fetched Belgian Malinois names that hark back to this beautiful breed’s homeland.

Belgian Malinois Names

Flemish Terms of Endearment

Flemish is spoken by about 60 percent of the residents of Belgium, especially in the northern reaches. Since the Belgian Malinois was first bred in the city of Malines, located in the Flemish portion of Belgium, we’ve rounded up some Flemish words that will make unique dog names!

  • Aazaard: happy coincidence
  • Amai: extreme surprise
  • Boeleke: baby
  • Bolleke: (pronounced bol-eh-kuh) sweetheart or sweetie
  • Bomma: grandmother; a good Flemish name when adopting an older dog
  • Bompa: grandfather
  • Chance: extreme luck
  • Lief: (pronounced Leaf) loved one in Flemish (or sweet in Dutch). Lief is also the basis for two Flemish names: Lieve for girls and Lieven for boys

Famous Belgians

  • Diane von Fürstenberg: fashion designer
  • Django Reinhardt: jazz guitarist and composer
  • Hercule Poirot: Agatha Christie’s fictional detective
  • Hergé: cartoonist
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme: actor and filmmaker
  • Peyo: writer, cartoonist and creator of the Smurfs
  • Stromae: rapper and musician

Belgian Monarchy

Belgium has a monarchy ruled by a King or Queen of the Belgians:

  • Koning der Belgen  (Dutch)
  • Roi des Belges  (French)
  • König der Belgier  (German)

Belgian kings have included:

  • Leopold
  • Albert
  • Baudouin
  • Philippe or Filip

The Queen of the Belgian title has been held by women with these names:

  • Louise
  • Marie Henriette
  • Elisabeth
  • Astrid
  • Doña Fabiola
  • Donna Paola
  • Mathilde

Belgian Foods

Belgian foods that make good Malinois names
  • Chocolade: Belgische chocolade is the Dutch name for Belgian chocolate
  • Frites: known to Americans as French fries because the Belgian soldiers who introduced the WWI soldiers to the dish were speaking French
  • Guylian: famous Belgian chocolate brand known for pralines shaped like seashells
  • Leonidas: famous Belgian chocolatier
  • Ollie-bollen: Pastries similar to beignets
  • Puntzak: French fries in Flemish
  • Waffles

Beer and Drinks from Belgium

  • Abbey: Abbey beers brewed in monastic style
  • Dubbel: a “double” or name for a strong brown beer often created by Trappist breweries. A fun Belgian dog name for a strong Malinois!
  • Grand Cru: a blend of beer brews
  • Jenever: Dutch gin
  • Lambic: copper colored beer
  • Stella: Stella Artois
  • Trappist: beers brewed by Trappist monks in monastic style
  • Tripel: a type of beer classified as a strong pale ale
  • Witbier: cloudy wheat beer

Military Belgian Malinois Names

military Malinois names

Are you looking for a military name for your Malinois? Even if the main service your dog will perform is that of faithful companionship, these military inspired names are a good fit for this regal dog:

  • Harvey (battle worthy)
  • Louis (renowned warrior)
  • Luther (army)
  • Matilda (mighty in battle)
  • Milo (soldier)
  • Oscar (champion warrior)
  • Ottilie (prosperous in battle)
  • Roger (famous warrior)
  • Victor
  • Victoria (victory)
  • Walter (commander of the army)

Famous Malinois in History and Film

  • Bear: Three Belgian Malinois (Grauber’s Boker, Lola and Gotcha) portrayed Reese’s pooch on Person of Interest.
  • Cairo: The name of a famous Malinois used by the SEALs on raid on bin Laden’s compound
  • Cerberus: A Belgian Malinois, Dita the Hair Missile Dog portrays a bomb detection dog on the CBS drama series SEAL Team. A Greek name, Cerberus was a mythical three-headed guard dog at the entrance to the underworld.
  • King Tut: President Herbert Hoover‘s Malinois

Belgian Malinois Names: Female

Some of the most popular female baby names in Belgium:

  • Ada
  • Alba
  • Alice
  • Alya
  • Amber
  • Anaïs
  • Aya
  • Billie
  • Camille
  • Céleste
  • Charlie
  • Charlotte
  • Cilou
  • Clara
  • Elisa
  • Elise
  • Ella
  • Ellie
  • Ellis
  • Emma
  • Esmée
  • Féline
  • Fleur
  • Inès
  • Iris
  • Julie
  • Juliette
  • Laura
  • Léa
  • Lena
  • Lia
  • Lina
  • Lisa
  • Livia
  • Lola
  • Lotte
  • Louise
  • Manon
  • Margaux
  • Mia
  • Mila
  • Olivia
  • Rose
  • Rosie
  • Sara
  • Sarah
  • Sofia
  • Sophia
  • Tasnim
  • Valentina

Belgian Malinois Names: Male

Some of the most popular male baby names in Belgium, these names represent the three national languages of Belgium (French, German and Dutch) as well as the many international influences in the country:

  • Achille
  • Adam  
  • Alexander  
  • Alexandre  
  • Arthur
  • Charlie
  • Charly
  • Cyriel  
  • Eden     
  • Enzo     
  • Ethan    
  • Gabriel
  • Gaston  
  • Georges
  • Isaac  
  • James
  • Jules   
  • Lars
  • Leo
  • Lewis    
  • Liam     
  • Lio  
  • Louis
  • Lucas    
  • Lucas
  • Lukas    
  • Lyam
  • Marcel              
  • Mathéo            
  • Mathis
  • Mats     
  • Mattia
  • Maurice  
  • Maxime          
  • Mil
  • Milan  
  • Nathan
  • Noah  
  • Oliver
  • Oscar  
  • Otis      
  • Simon  
  • Theo
  • Théo
  • Thomas
  • Tom
  • Victor  
  • Vince  
  • Wout  

Belgium Place Names

  • Antwerp
  • Ardennes
  • Brussels
  • Belfry: the medieval bell tower that is almost a symbol of Bruges.
  • Bruges: historic city in Belgium’s Flemish region; UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Flanders
  • Ghent
  • Mons: capital of the Hainaut province; home of the Van Gogh House
  • Zeebrugge: North Sea village that serves as the port for Bruges; Zeebrugge means “Sea Landing”

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