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280 Indian Dog Names with Meanings

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Whether you want to honor your Indian heritage, remember the vacation of a lifetime or just celebrate some of your favorite foods and Bollywood movies, you might want to consider Indian dog names for your new pup. These meaningful monikers not only help provide your dog a unique name (that won’t send half the dog park running!) but also give your dog a name that adds an extra layer of significance to your puppy’s identity.

Indian Names for Your Dog

Terms Associated with India

Here are some words associated with India, arranged in alphabetical order:

  • Diwali: A major Indian festival known as the Festival of Lights.
  • Mango: The national fruit of India, which is the world’s largest mango producer.
  • Namaste: A traditional Indian greeting or gesture of respect.
  • Peacock: The national bird of India.
  • Raga: A pattern of musical notes used in Indian classical music.
  • Sari: A traditional Indian garment worn by women.
  • Taj: historically a crown worn by an Indian prince.
  • Wicket: In cricket, a popular sport in India, it refers to the set of stumps targeted by the bowler.
  • Yogi: A person who practices yoga, a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India.
  • Zardozi: An elaborate embroidery work using gold and silver threads, popular in India.

Most Popular Girls’ Names in India

  • Aadya: In Sanskrit, it means “the first,” “Mother Earth,” signifying the source of all living beings.
  • Anaya: It means “compassion” or “caring” in Hindi.
  • Diya: In Hindi, it means “lamp” or “light.”
  • Isha: It means “goddess” in Sanskrit.
  • Kavya: It means “poetry” in Sanskrit.
  • Navya: In Sanskrit, it means “young” or “fresh.”
  • Pihu: In Hindi, it’s the name for the sound of a bird, often a peacock.
  • Riya: In Sanskrit, Riya means “singer.”
  • Saanvi: Another name for the goddess Lakshmi in Sanskrit.
  • Vanya: It is a Sanskrit name that means “God’s gift.”

Most Popular Boys’ Names in India

  • Aarav: In Sanskrit, it means “peaceful.”
  • Arjun: In Sanskrit, it means ‘bright, shining, white.” It’s also the name of a Pandava prince in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.
  • Dhruv: It’s a Sanskrit name meaning “steady, unshakeable.” In Hindu mythology, Dhruv refers to the North Star.
  • Ishaan: It’s a Sanskrit name meaning “sun.”
  • Keshav: A Sanskrit name and another name for Lord Krishna.
  • Mohan: In Sanskrit, it means “attractive, charming.” It’s also another name for Lord Krishna.
  • Sai: It’s a Marathi name meaning “divine.” This name is often associated with the Indian spiritual leader Sai Baba.
  • Siddharth: It’s a Sanskrit name meaning “one who has attained enlightenment.” This name is also associated with Gautama Buddha.
  • Varun: In Sanskrit, it means “Lord of water.” Varun is also a deity in Hinduism.
  • Vihaan: It’s a Sanskrit name meaning “dawn.”

Indian Words Related to Dogs

India is home to hundreds of languages, each with their own unique words for dog, puppy and other terms. Would one of these words make a fun name for your new dog?

  • Ano (Bengali): Fetch
  • Aanay (Marathi): Fetch
  • Bau bau (Kannada, Tamil and Telugu): Woof
  • Bhao bhao (Bengali): Woof
  • Bhau bhau (Hindi): Woof
  • Bhow bhow (Gujarati): Woof
  • Bow bow (Malayalam): Woof
  • Kukka (Telugu): Dog
  • Kukur (Bengali): Dog
  • Konduva (Malayalam): Fetch
  • Kutra (Gujarati): Dog
  • Kutta (Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu): Dog
  • Laao (Hindi, Urdu): Fetch
  • Laav (Gujarati): Fetch
  • Leyaao (Punjabi): Fetch
  • Nāy (Tamil): Dog
  • Nāyi (Kannada): Dog
  • Nāyi mar̥i (Kannada): Puppy
  • Patti (Malayalam): Dog
  • Patti kutti (Malayalam): Puppy
  • Tegoṇi (Kannada): Fetch
  • Tīsuko (Telugu): Fetch

Pet Names from India

These Indian terms of endearment or pet names are used to denote a special relationship with someone–perhaps like your new dog!

  • Anmol (Hindi): Priceless
  • Babu (Hindi): Often used to address younger boys, similar to “young man” or “son.”
  • Betu (Hindi): A loving term used for kids, equivalent to “dear” or “sweetie.”
  • Chirayu (Sanskrit): Long-lived, often used to denote someone precious.
  • Golu (Hindi): A cute term often used for someone who is round and adorable.
  • Heera (Hindi): Diamond, often used to denote someone precious.
  • Jaan (Urdu): Life, often used to denote someone very dear.
  • Jaan-e-mann (Urdu): Darling or sweetheart.
  • Laddu (Hindi): A type of sweet, often used for someone sweet and adorable.
  • Meethu (Hindi): Sweet, often used for someone sweet-natured.
  • Mithas (Hindi): Sweetness, can be used for someone sweet.
  • Pyaar (Hindi): Love, can be used to denote someone you love.
  • Raja (Hindi): King, often used for a loved one.
  • Rajkumar (Hindi): Prince, often used for a loved one.
  • Sonu (Hindi): A common nickname, like “sweetie.”
  • Sundar/Sundari (Hindi/Sanskrit): Beautiful, can be used to compliment someone’s looks.

Popular Indian Dog Names and Their Meanings


  • Arjun (Bright, shining, white, often used as a name for white dogs)
  • Balu or Baloo (Bear)
  • Chaand (sincere wish)
  • Hari (protector or “the one who removes evil”)
  • Ravi (Sun)


  • Gita (Song)
  • Kali (The black one, also the Hindu Goddess of destruction)
  • Lila (Play, amusement)
  • Priya (Beloved)
  • Sita (Furrow, also the name of Lord Rama’s wife in Hindu epic Ramayana)


  • Chakra (Circle, represents divine energy in Hinduism)
  • Karma (Deed, action)
  • Mowgli (Jungle boy, from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book)
  • Rani (Queen)
  • Tara (Star)

Indian Dog Names Inspired by Geography

authors at Taj Mahal

We went to the Taj Mahal on a travel writing assignment–it’s a spectacular place that has inspired many names.

  • Agra (City known for the Taj Mahal.)
  • Bombay (the old name for Mumbai.)
  • Delhi
  • Goa (A coastal state known for its beautiful beaches.)
  • Kerala (A southern state known as “God’s own country.”)
  • Mahal (“Palace” as in Taj Mahal or Royal Palace)
  • Mumbai
  • Shimla (A beautiful hill station.)

Indian Dog Names Inspired by Indian Cuisine

For food-loving pet parents, why not name your dog after your favorite Indian dish? Some tasty options include:

  • Biryani: A fragrant and spiced mixed rice dish.
  • Chai: A traditional Indian tea spiced with cardamom, ginger, and cloves.
  • Chapati: A type of Indian bread made from wheat flour.
  • Curry: A type of dish that includes spices, meat, and/or vegetables, and is common in Indian cuisine.
  • Dosa: A grilled pancake.
  • Idli: A type of savory rice cake, popular in southern India.
  • Jalebi: A sweet and tangy dessert.
  • Lassi: Not to be confused with Lassie, even though they are pronounced much the same, lassi is a popular, traditional, yogurt-based drink from India.
  • Masala: A mix of ground spices used in Indian cuisine.
  • Naan: A soft and fluffy leavened bread.
  • Roti: A round flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent.
  • Samosa: A popular stuffed savory pastry.
  • Tikki: A type of cutlet or croquette.
  • Vada: A category of savory fried snacks from South India.
  • Zarda: A traditional South Asian sweet dish, made by boiling rice with food coloring, milk, and sugar, and flavored with cardamom, raisins, saffron, pistachios, or almonds.

Sanskrit Names for Dogs

  • Aarav: Peaceful, melodious
  • Abhay: Fearless
  • Aditi: Boundless, free
  • Adya: First, unparalleled
  • Agni: Fire, the fire god
  • Alok: Light, brightness
  • Amaya: Boundless, limitless
  • Ananta: Endless, infinite
  • Anish: Supreme, continuous
  • Anuja: Younger, following
  • Aparna: Leafless, a name for Parvathi
  • Arjun: Bright, shining, white
  • Asha: Hope, desire
  • Atman: Soul, spirit
  • Avani: Earth
  • Bhavya: Grand, splendid
  • Chandra: Moon
  • Daksha: Skillful, competent
  • Darshana: Sight, vision, philosophy
  • Devi: Goddess
  • Dhanya: Blessed, thankful
  • Divya: Divine, heavenly
  • Eesha: Purity, gift from God
  • Ganesha: Lord of the people
  • Hamsa: Swan
  • Indra: King of gods
  • Jyoti: Light, brightness
  • Kailash: Abode of Lord Shiva
  • Kalyan: Welfare, auspiciousness
  • Lata: Creeper, vine
  • Manas: Mind, intellect
  • Nanda: Joy, happiness
  • Nirav: Quiet, calm
  • Prakash: Light, illumination
  • Radha: Worship, adoration
  • Rajan: King
  • Samir: Wind, air
  • Shanti: Peace, tranquility
  • Shiva: Auspicious, gracious
  • Surya: Sun
  • Tejas: Brightness, radiance
  • Uday: Rising, dawn
  • Uma: Tranquility, fame
  • Vani: Voice, sound
  • Veda: Knowledge, wisdom
  • Vidya: Knowledge, learning
  • Yajna: Worship, sacrifice
  • Yash: Fame, glory
  • Zara: Little, small

Hindi Names for Dogs

  • Aadarsh: Ideal
  • Aastha: Faith
  • Abhinav: New, young, fresh
  • Aditya: Sun
  • Anjali: Offering with both hands
  • Anshul: Sunbeam
  • Arnav: Ocean, sea
  • Aryan: Noble, kind
  • Bhavna: Feeling, sentiment
  • Chetan: Conscious, aware
  • Deepak: Lamp, light
  • Disha: Direction
  • Esha: Pure
  • Gaurav: Pride, honor
  • Harsh: Happiness
  • Indu: Moon
  • Jaya: Victory
  • Kajal: Kohl, eyeliner
  • Kavita: Poem
  • Lakshmi: Goddess of wealth
  • Manish: Wise, intelligent
  • Naina: Eyes
  • Neel: Blue
  • Pankaj: Lotus flower
  • Pooja: Worship
  • Prakash: Light
  • Priya: Beloved
  • Raj: Rule, kingdom
  • Rani: Queen
  • Rekha: Line, limit
  • Rohit: Red
  • Sagar: Ocean, sea
  • Sana: Brilliance, radiance
  • Shakti: Power, energy
  • Shanti: Peace
  • Suman: Flower
  • Tarun: Young
  • Udit: Grown, prosperous
  • Usha: Dawn
  • Varun: God of water
  • Veena: A musical instrument
  • Vikram: Valorous
  • Vivek: Wisdom, judgement
  • Yash: Fame
  • Zara: Flower

Punjabi Dog Names

These names come from the Punjabi language, which is primarily spoken in the Indian state of Punjab.

  • Amanpreet: One who loves peace
  • Balbir: Strong, brave
  • Baljeet: Victorious and mighty
  • Daljeet: Victorious army
  • Darshan: Vision
  • Eshar: Blessed with God’s grace
  • Fateh: Victory
  • Gagan: Sky, heaven
  • Jeevan: Life or living
  • Kulbir: Brave member of the family
  • Manjeet: Conqueror of the mind
  • Navdeep: New flame or light
  • Rajbir: Brave king
  • Tej: Bright, radiant
  • Ujagar: Luminous
  • Ujjal: Clear
  • Vipin: Forest
  • Wazir: Minister
  • Zorawar: Powerful
  • Upkar: Favor
  • Zoravar: Powerful
  • Zubeen: The one who touches the sky

Urdu Names for Your Dog

  • Aahil: Prince
  • Aasma: Sky
  • Aftab: Sun
  • Alisha: Protected by God
  • Amal: Hope, expectation
  • Arif: Knowing, aware
  • Arzoo: Wish
  • Asif: Gather, harvest
  • Azra: Virgin, maiden
  • Babar: Lion
  • Badar: Full moon
  • Bano: Lady, princess
  • Basim: Smiling
  • Bushra: Good news
  • Dua: Prayer
  • Faisal: Strong, handsome
  • Farid: Unique
  • Ghazal: Poetic expression
  • Hadi: Guide
  • Haseeb: Reckoner
  • Iqbal: Prosperity
  • Jahan: World
  • Kamal: Perfection
  • Kamil: Complete, perfect
  • Laila: Night
  • Mahnoor: Light of the moon
  • Majid: Noble
  • Masood: Lucky, fortunate
  • Nadeem: Friend
  • Naheed: Elevated, Venus
  • Parveen: Pleiades, cluster of stars
  • Qadir: Capable, powerful
  • Rafiq: Friend, companion
  • Rashid: Rightly guided
  • Saba: Morning breeze
  • Sami: Elevated, sublime
  • Shahid: Witness
  • Tahir: Pure, clean
  • Umar: Life, long-lived
  • Uzma: Greatest
  • Vahid: Singular, exclusively
  • Wafa: Faithful, loyal
  • Yasir: Wealthy
  • Zahid: Ascetic, devoted to God
  • Zahir: Bright, shining
  • Zain: Beauty, grace

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