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200 Scruffy Dog Names for Your Shaggy Puppy

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When it comes to naming our furry friends, sometimes their appearance gives the best inspiration. For those scruffy, shaggy, and tousled pups, a name that matches their unique look can be both fitting and utterly adorable. Here’s a list of scruffy dog names inspired by their delightful disheveled appearances!

Scruffy Dog Names with image of gray scruffy terrier looking at camera

Unisex Scruffy Dog Names

  • Bärli – A Swiss-German term of endearment meaning little bear (and the name of our scruffy male dog!)
  • Bear – For pups resembling the shaggy coat of a bear.
  • Blizzard – Because you know you’ll be covered in a blizzard of fur as soon as you start to brush it.
  • Bristle – For the rough and tough coat.
  • Bumble – Like a bumblebee, fuzzy and lively.
  • Chaos – For that perfectly messy look.
  • Char – A play on the word “charcoal” for darker scruffy coats.
  • Chewie – Short for “Chewbacca” from Star Wars.
  • Cloud – For fluffy, light-colored scruffs.
  • Cobble – For those with a bumpy, cobblestone-like appearance.
  • Cotton – Soft, fluffy, and white like cotton.
  • Curly – For those with a curly, scruffy mane.
  • Drizzle – Perfect for a grayish, scattered coat.
  • Duster – Because they might look like a dust mop.
  • Fidget – For those who are always ruffling up their fur.
  • Flint – Rough on the outside, sparky on the inside.
  • Fluffernutter – A playful name for a scruffy yet fluffy pup.
  • Fringe – When the fringe overshadows their eyes.
  • Frost – For those with a light, scattered, frost-like appearance.
  • Fuzz – Simple and cute, perfect for a shaggy coat.
  • Fuzzy-Wuzzy – After the playful children’s rhyme.
  • Grizzle – A mix of grayish and scruffy appearances.
  • Hairy – Self-explanatory, but fun!
  • Hobo – A bit ragged but full of charm.
  • Jazz – Messy yet rhythmic and flowing.
  • Knot – For those with tangled fur.
  • Mop – When hair covers their eyes just like a mop head.
  • Muffin – A sweet name for a scruffy little dog.
  • Noodle – For those with long, curly, noodle-like hair.
  • Nugget – Small, golden, and a bit rough around the edges.
  • Patch – Perfect for scruffy dogs with patchy fur.
  • Pebbles – When their fur has a pebbly appearance.
  • Puff – For the fluffy scruffs.
  • Rags – Draped in a raggedy old coat.
  • Ripple – For fur that has waves or ruffles.
  • Rough – For that rough, uncombed look.
  • Ruff – An obvious classic.
  • Rug – Might be mistaken for a small area rug.
  • Rumble – For the wild, untamed look.
  • Rusty – Perfect for a reddish, scruffy coat.
  • Scrappy – For a small, scruffy dog with a big personality.
  • Scrapper – One who looks like they’ve had a few tussles.
  • Scratch – For the scruffy pup who’s always itching.
  • Scuff – A mix of scruffy and rough.
  • Shear – For pups who look like they need a trim.
  • Smokey – Perfect for grayish, scruffy coats.
  • Snarl – For those with tangled and twisted fur.
  • Spike – For those with spikey tousled fur.
  • Spindle – For thin dogs with long, scruffy hair.
  • Splash – For dogs with a splatter of scruffiness.
  • Sprout – For the little scruffy dogs with a wild side.
  • Static – For fur that looks like it’s been shocked.
  • Stitch – Looks like they’ve been sewn together with love.
  • Stormy – For a wild, unpredictable coat.
  • Strand – For long, flowing scruffy fur.
  • Suede – A velvety, rough look.
  • Tangle – For those with a knotted appearance.
  • Thistle – After the rugged plant.
  • Thread – For pups with long, stringy hair.
  • Thunder – For a powerful, scruffy appearance.
  • Tousle – Just like their tousled mane.
  • Tumble – Looks like they’ve tumbled through the bushes.
  • Twirl – For a slightly curly scruff.
  • Twist – For curly, twisty fur.
  • Waffle – Textured and a little messy.
  • Werewolf – For the werewolf‘s shaggy appearance.
  • Whisker – Scruffy, especially around the snout.
  • Wisp – Thin, light, and scruffy.
  • Woolly – For the sheep-like scruffs.
  • Wookiee – Because of the Chewbacca resemblance.
  • Zigzag – For the unpredictable, scruffy fur pattern.

Scruffy Dog Names: Female

  • Blossom – A bloom, representing the blossoming fur.
  • Buffy – Inspired by ‘buffed’ or tousled fur.
  • Cameo – A carved gem; for a unique and standout appearance.
  • Dolly – After Dolly Parton, for her voluminous hair.
  • Elsa – Inspired by the snow queen with a flowing mane.
  • Feather – Soft and fluffy.
  • Feather – Soft and fluffy.
  • Heather – Named after the mixed-color shrub.
  • Ivy – Wild and untamed like the plant.
  • Kerani – Means “curls” in Sanskrit.
  • Medusa – Although known for her snake hair, the name evokes intricate and curling patterns.
  • Nala – The lioness from The Lion King; for a fierce, scruffy appearance.
  • Ondina – Latin for “little wave”, capturing the wavy essence of curly hair.
  • Ursa – Latin for “bear”; for bear-like shaggy coats.
  • Willow – A free-flowing tree, much like a dog’s flowing coat.

Our scruffy dogs

Both our dogs are scruffy! Our cream-colored dog is Isla, a mix of Aussiedoodle and seven other breeds–and all fluff!

Our black dog is Barli (little bear); his shelter name was Baby Bear, named for his bear-like appearance, even as a puppy!

Shaggy Dog Names: Male

  • Alfie – Short for “Alfred,” it evokes the appearance of a distinguished yet disheveled gentleman.
  • Bardan – Derived from Sanskrit, meaning “curly-haired”.
  • Barkley – Combining “bark” with a playful suffix.
  • Bramble – English for a thorny shrub; wild and untamed, much like scruffy hair.
  • Brennan – Irish origin, meaning “little raven”; indicative of dark and wavy locks.
  • Caden – Of Gaelic origin, can relate to wild spirit.
  • Curly – English, directly describing curly hair.
  • Cyrus – Of Persian origin, often associated with the sun and its rays, symbolic of wild, radiant hair.
  • Drake – Means “dragon”, symbolizing wildness and untamed nature.
  • Eoghan – Celtic origin, meaning “born of the yew”; related to wild, natural growth.
  • Forrest – English, symbolizing the wild and natural growth, like hair.
  • Guthrie – Gaelic origin, meaning “windy spot”; resembling wavy, windswept hair.
  • Harley – Old English, meaning “hare’s meadow”; wild nature.
  • Lionel – Latin origin, meaning “young lion”, which can symbolize a thick mane.
  • Maxwell – “Great stream”; flowing nature resembling wavy hair.
  • Nash – Derived from “at the ash tree”; nature-inspired.
  • Orson – Latin origin, meaning “bear cub”; symbolizing a thick, unruly mane.
  • Ridge – English, symbolizing the highs and lows, like the undulations in curly hair.
  • Rowan – Gaelic, meaning “little redhead”, can symbolize a scruffy red mane.
  • Silas – Latin, meaning “wood, forest”, which is wild and untamed.
  • Thorne – Old English, representing the wild, untamed nature.
  • Troy – Greek origin, an ancient city known for its strength and endurance.
  • Tyson – French origin, meaning “high-spirited”, representing the wild nature of curly hair.
  • Vance – Old English, meaning “someone who lives near marshland”; wild, natural settings.
  • Wilder – English, directly signifying something untamed and wild.
  • Yael – Hebrew, meaning “mountain goat”, which can be symbolic of the curly horns.

Scruffy Cartoon Dogs

  • Astro (from The Jetsons)
  • Bandit (from Jonny Quest)
  • Brain (from Inspector Gadget)
  • Dodger (from Oliver & Company)
  • Duke (from The Secret Life of Pets)
  • Einstein (from Oliver & Company)
  • Gnasher (from the Dennis the Menace UK comics)
  • Goddard (from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, although a metal dog, has a scruffy appearance)
  • Gromit (from Wallace and Gromit, though he’s clay, his appearance is somewhat scruffy)
  • Huckleberry Hound (from Huckleberry Hound Show)
  • Little Dog (from 2 Stupid Dogs)
  • Max (scruffy terrier in The Secret Life of Pets. Always one of the most popular dog names.)
  • Muttley (from Wacky Races and Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines)
  • Poochie (from The Simpsons, a parody character)
  • Precious Pupp (from The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show)
  • Runt (from Animaniacs)
  • Sam Sheepdog (from Looney Tunes with Ralph Wolf)
  • Scruffy (from the animated film Scruffy based on the children’s book Scruffy: The Tuesday Dog)
  • Snert (from Hagar the Horrible comic strip)
  • Spike (from Tom and Jerry)
  • Tramp (from Lady and the Tramp)

Fictional Characters Known for their Scruffy Appearance

These characters are known for their wild, unruly, or iconic hair that stands out:

  • Annie (from Annie)
  • Bellatrix (from Harry Potter series)
  • Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo)
  • Chewbacca (from Star Wars)
  • Cosmo Kramer (from Seinfeld)
  • Count Olaf (from A Series of Unfortunate Events)
  • Cruella de Vil (from 101 Dalmatians)
  • Doc Brown (from Back to the Future
  • Edward Scissorhands (from Edward Scissorhands)
  • Encino Man (from Encino Man)
  • Frodo Baggins (from The Lord of the Rings)
  • Gollum (from The Lord of the Rings)
  • Hagrid (from Harry Potter series)
  • Harpo (from Marx Brothers films)
  • Heat Miser (from The Year Without a Santa Claus)
  • Helga Pataki (from Hey Arnold!)
  • Hermione Granger (early books/films from Harry Potter series)
  • Howard Wolowitz (from The Big Bang Theory)
  • It (Pennywise the Dancing Clown from It by Stephen King)
  • Jareth the Goblin King (from Labyrinth)
  • Joe Dirt (from Joe Dirt)
  • Lloyd Christmas (from Dumb and Dumber)
  • Mad Hatter (from Alice in Wonderland)
  • Madam Mim (from The Sword in the Stone)
  • Mad-Eye Moody (from Harry Potter series)
  • Marv (from Home Alone)
  • Medusa (from various Greek myth adaptations)
  • Merida (from Brave)
  • Mufasa (from The Lion King)
  • Ned Stark (from Game of Thrones)
  • Olaf (from Frozen; though made of snow, his twiggy hair stands out)
  • Oscar the Grouch (from Sesame Street)
  • Pee-wee Herman (from Pee-wee’s Playhouse)
  • Pippi Longstocking (from Pippi Longstocking)
  • Princess Poppy (from Trolls)
  • Professor Trelawney (from Harry Potter series)
  • Rick Sanchez (from Rick and Morty)
  • Rip Van Winkle (from the story “Rip Van Winkle”)
  • Rubeus Hagrid (from Harry Potter series)
  • Rumpelstiltskin (from various adaptations of the fairy tale)
  • Shaggy (from Scooby-Doo)
  • Sideshow Bob (from The Simpsons)
  • Simba (from The Lion King, especially his adolescent phase)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (from Sonic games and media)
  • Sybill Trelawney (from Harry Potter series)
  • The Beast (from Beauty and the Beast)
  • The Bride of Frankenstein (from Frankenstein adaptations)
  • The Grinch (from How the Grinch Stole Christmas!)
  • Winn-Dixie (the scruffy dog in Because of Winn-Dixie)
  • Wolverine (from X-Men)

While some of these characters’ hair might be considered more “wild” or “iconic” than strictly “scruffy”, they’re all known for their distinctive hairstyles!

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