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Pro Hockey Player Charlie Coyle Becomes Wellness Pet’s Hometown Treat Officer

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Wellness Pet has recently announced an exciting collaboration that has dog lovers wagging their tails in anticipation. Professional hockey player and avid dog enthusiast, Charlie Coyle–alongside his Golden Retrievers Bodie and Gracie–has been chosen as Wellness Pet’s Hometown Treat Officer.

Partnering with the Pro Player and Dog Dad

In a heartwarming initiative, Wellness Pet has joined forces with Coyle to bring happiness and tail-wagging joy to our furry friends. Coyle, known for his exceptional skills on the ice, will now extend his passion for animals by representing Wellness Pet and championing their commitment to pet well-being.

“At Wellness Pet, we recognize pet parents’ desire to support their pet’s unique needs with high-quality food and treats, but also the need for time well spent together,” said Wellness Pet Company CMO Clark Reinhard. “As a Massachusetts-based company, we’re proud to be partnering with beloved local athlete and pet parent Charlie Coyle, who embodies our mission of treating pets well and helping pets and their families share a happier, healthier life together.”

Coyle’s Summer Tips for Dog Lovers

Coyle has five tips for dog lovers this summer:

Dogs make great defensemen.

Staying active with your dog doesn’t have to mean a long workout or walk. Getting your pets involved in your favorite exercises is a fun way to stay happier and healthier together.

When I’m practicing my stick handling, Bodie and Gracie make great defenders, but I usually manage to dangle past them. (Plus, they chirp me a lot less than players on the ice do.)

Keep dogs cool, even off the ice.

Whether we’re enjoying our daily walk or playing outside, it’s important to keep the dogs hydrated and energized, especially as the weather warms up.

We like to bring portable water bowls and treats for a quick energy boost while we’re staying active together. Wellness® Rewarding Life® treats have been a favorite to take on the go.

Biscuits are for training too.

Biscuits take on a whole new meaning off the ice and at home, as treats are an excellent way to reward your dog for nailing a new trick or simply for good behavior.

Bodie and Gracie have been loving Old Mother Hubbard® by Wellness® biscuits, and WHIMZEES® by Wellness® dental chews taste great while helping to keep their chiclets clean and breath fresh.

Avoid goaltending around dinner time.

Treats and toys are great ways to safely distract your dog while you focus on your own mealtime. We don’t let Bodie and Gracie beg for food at the dinner table so my wife and I can enjoy our meal while they enjoy theirs.

If you want to elevate your dog’s own mealtime, changing up recipes with products like Wellness® Bowl Boosters® Tender Toppers™ are a great way to keep your dogs focused on their own meals.

Set goals for quality time with your furry teammates.

Even when our schedules get busy, my wife and I recognize the importance of time dedicated to Bodie and Gracie every day.

Even if we’re just relaxing on the couch or they’re welcoming me home from an away game, some of our best memories are time spent with them. 

There’s no such thing as the offseason with your pets.

As an athlete, I recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy routine for myself and my dogs. We get outside three to five times a day for a quick walk or to play at the park and try our best to serve their meals around the same time each day.

It keeps them happy and healthy, which certainly makes our time spent together that much better.

Speaking about the partnership, Charlie Coyle expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m proud to be known as a Boston athlete on the ice, but I’m also a proud pet parent outside the rink. This partnership with Wellness Pet Company as Hometown Treat Officer means a tremendous amount to me as dog dad to Bodie and Gracie, who are a true part of our growing family.

“Whether we’re serving Bodie and Gracie their dinner, getting outside together or enjoying down time before team travel, I’m always making sure we treat them well to ensure a longer and happier life together.”

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