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Pet JetSetter Review

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Planning a getaway with your dog? Pet JetSetter is a bag especially made for pet parents traveling with their dogs. It’s not FOR your dog–but for your dog’s STUFF. Think diaper bag for pet parents! Termed “the original dog diaper bag,” this overnight bag for your dog features interior and exterior pockets.

As many of you know, before we started DogTipper we spent 20 years writing travel guidebooks…so we know luggage!

When we were offered a sample of the Pet JetSetter to review, we jumped at the chance to check out this luggage especially created for dog lovers.


This bag is fun and stylish. It comes in many color combos; we received the pink and brown combo which comes with a polka-dot material lining, great for seeing what’s inside the bag!


One feature we absolutely love (why can’t traditional bags have this?) is an image on the outside of the pockets showing what’s inside.

Treats, water bowl, food bowl, brush, and more are clearly marked…no more digging from pocket to pocket to find a treat!

Also, the adjustable strap can be removed and used as a temporary leash if needed during your trip–brilliant!

The Pet JetSetter, created by Metzger’s Designs and manufactured in the United States, comes with a stainless steel water bowl and a stainless steel food bowl in the marked pockets so you’re ready to hit the road with your dog:


Recently Pet JetSetter also began selling eco-friendly water bottles sized to fit in the end pocket; these stainless steel bottles are BPA-free.

Here’s the coolest feature: like water bottles made for carriers and kennels, this bottle includes a stainless steel ball so you can hold it out for your dog to drink from without spilling!

We love both the fun look of this bag as well as its functionality. With our Pet JetSetter, we’re ready to hit the road and enjoy some summer trips with our dogs!

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