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Oilcloth Dog Collars from Mimi Green: Our Review

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Are you looking for a waterproof dog collar that’s stain resistant? Oilcloth just might be the answer! We’re reviewing oilcloth dog collars from Mimi Green, a US-based, family-owned company whose products are all handmade in New Mexico.

As we’ve written about before, we love to dress our dogs Irie and Tiki in stylish collars (because they’re not about to let us dress them in anything more.)

We love the collars from Mimi Green for their stylish good looks. In the summer, though, we’re always looking for a collar that can hold up to swimming (and even frequent dunks in the dogs’ pool in the yard).

We found a fun and fashionable answer in Mimi Green’s oilcloth collar collection.

What is Oilcloth and is it Good for Dog Collars?

Oilcloth is waterproof, stain-resistant vinyl woven with cotton. It makes a great way to avoid that muddy collar problem; the oilcloth can be wiped clean (and, if they really roll in something that requires deep cleaning, you can toss it in the washer on gentle cycle with cool water).

The oilcloth collars come in a variety of beautiful colors and designs like this summery orange…

…or this pink and green collar that makes us think of the tropics…

We reviewed the Mi Corazón collar with a red interior and stylish black and white exterior.

Aside from its good looks, we liked the collar for its practicality in the summer months, for its heavy-duty D-ring, and for its curved buckle, shaped to fit comfortably against a dog’s neck.

The leash was similarly well made, with a black metal snap that matched the dog collar buckle.

Mimi Green also sells accessories for the collars; we recently reviewed the Collar Flower:

Mimi Green’s laminated collars come in five sizes and are 1.5 inches wide. You’ll find several buckle styles as well as the option to have the buckle engraved (a great option if you’re tired of hearing the jingle of a dog tag!)

Laminated leashes come in three sizes: four-, five-, or six-foot lengths and either 5/8ths of an inch or 1-inch wide. The snap on the leash will match the collar buckle.

A big paws up for these beautiful collars and leashes from Mimi Green!

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Disclosure: We received a Mimi Green Dog Collar and Leash for review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own.

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