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Review: Mimi Green Dog Collar Flowers

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Mimi Green Dog Collar Flowers

What It Is: flower-shaped crocheted yarn flowers to attach to your dog’s collar

Manufacturer: Mimi Green, a company based in New Mexico, USA

DogTipper Review:
As our regular DogTipper readers know, our dogs don’t like to wear dog clothes. They’ll only wear coats when it’s really, really cold (and even then they seem to feel a coat is optional). Any attempt at “dress up” is done through collars around here.

But now we’ve discovered a way to dress up our dogs, one that they’re happy with and we adore: collar flowers. We received a dog collar flower from Mimi Green, a company that makes stylish, eco-friendly (using organic cotton), and sturdy accessories for dogs.

The crocheted collar flower is simple to attach to your dog’s collar using a Velcro strip on the back side of the flower:

The final effect is cute but not bothersome for your dog. The flower was perfect when Paris took our dog Tiki to her first doggie party, a special event held at Austin’s metrodog (a stylish boutique where we later saw Mimi Green dog collar flowers for sale!) Tiki looked great and never seemed to notice the collar attachment:

Thank you, Mimi Green, for making Tiki stylish for her big city party debut!

Price: The Mimi Green Dog Collar Flower sells for $12.95. The collar flowers come in 21 color combinations.

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Disclosure: We received a Mimi Green Dog Collar Flower for review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own.