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National Dress Up Your Pet Day

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By definition, the phrase “put on the dog” means to get dressed up, and on National Dress Up Your Pet Day couture-conscious canines take the term to heart. Dogs — and our other four-legged friends — can let their fashion flag fly during this pet holiday of dogged devotion to trend-setting and tail-wagging style.

When is National Dress Up Your Pet Day?

National Dress Up Your Pet Day is observed every year on on January 14. The pet holiday was launched in 2009 by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Behaviorist Colleen Paige.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Note: No fashionista on two feet or four should ever suffer for style. Make sure that all pet outfits are safe and comfortable for your runway-ready Rover. We’ve got tips below on dressing your dog–and cute alternatives to clothes if your dog is a minimalist when it comes to fashion!

Why Dress Your Dog?

Why should you dress your dog? The reasons vary by dog, situation and weather.

Whether your dog’s wardrobe is red carpet-worthy or simply cold weather wear, the common thread which binds all pet apparel is the love behind each look.

Dress up time can be bonding moments between pet parents and their pups, who enjoy lapping up attention when they see all of the grins they receive when they show off their garment.

Cold Weather

Of course, weather is the best reason to dress your dog–cold weather is the perfect time for dressing your dog in a snuggly sweater or coat.

Choose from heavy dog coats, sweaters and sweatshirts (including hoodies) to help your dog stay warm on your walks and outings.

Rainy Weather

Waterproof rain coats are great for rain as well as snow and slush.

Reactions from Other People

dog in sweater

Because Barli gets cold easily and likes to wear sweaters, he wears a sweater when we’re visiting our relatives at the nursing home.

We started noticing that his sweaters get a huge reaction from people–they see a dog in a sweater, and they start to smile. Residents, nurses–even the moving men we ran into recently bringing new furniture to the nursing home–all break out in a smile when they see Barli approaching in one of his sweaters.

And not only does that bring a smile to someone else (and, at a nursing home, that is a very important service) but that smile also helps to put Barli at ease. Our dogs pick up on our body language immediately, so if they are greeted by a smile, our dogs respond accordingly. It’s a win-win!

Wound Care

Whether your dog has a hot spot he just won’t leave alone or a surgical site that needs to heal, specialized clothing can help. Talk to your vet about clothing options that are growing in popularity as an alternative to the dreaded cone!

Tips for Dressing Your Dog

If you dress up your dog in observance of National Dress Up Your Pet Day–or any day, the most important thing is to make sure your dog is safe and comfortable in his clothing.

dog in coat

Remember to make sure your dog can breathe easily in his clothes/costume. Avoid anything constricting.

If your dog is wearing a costume, make sure there are no small parts he can chew off, causing choking.

And make sure your dog doesn’t overheat in his clothing. If you’ve bundled up for a cold weather walk, your dog may need to lose the layers when you return home.

Alternatives to Dog Clothes

Not every dog wants to wear clothes! If your dog (like our Tiki!) has no interest in wearing clothing, you can still add some fashion flair to your dog’s wardrobe:

Dog Bandanas

dog in bandana

Add a stylish dog bandana for some colorful flair!

Bow Ties

dog in bow tie

Most dogs see a bow tie like a collar. Make sure it doesn’t have any loose pieces but, otherwise, your dog will probably ignore a bow tie much like he ignores his collar.

Fancy Harnesses

Colorful dog harnesses add style and function to your dog’s wardrobe!

Step-in vest harnesses, most popular for smaller dogs, provide an additional layer of fashion because they do look much like a vest.

Decorative Dog Collars and Collar Accessories

Crocheted collar roses and other decorative accessories slide on your dog’s collar, providing a colorful addition that’s fashionable–and fuss free.


Even though Tiki is NOT a fan of dog clothes (her idea of dressing up is wearing a collar) she is happy to pose for photos in sunglasses. Some dogs are OK with glasses, some are not. Similarly hats and caps are accepted by some dogs, and not by others.

Ways to Participate

Here are fun ways to celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day:

  1. Have a photoshoot. Dress up your pet or pets and make sure to take tons of amazing pictures to commemorate the holiday. Don’t forget to take a selfie, as you wouldn’t want to be left out on the fun.
  2. Share on Social Media. Share with the world how you’re celebrating this holiday and use #DressUpYourPetDay, so others can see your pets.
  3. How About Twinning with Your Dog? Yes, National Twin With Your Dog Day is December 1 but this pet holiday makes a fun day to match your dog, too. Matching never goes out of style, especially when your twin is the most adorable animal out there.
  4. Strut Your Stuff. Take a walk, hike, or car ride with your dog and show everyone their new, stunning look.

Remember, National Dress Up Your Pet Day is not limited to dogs. Cats and other pets can also join in on the fun!

However you and your dog celebrate National Dress Up Your Pet Day, have fun and make sure your dog is having fun, too!

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