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Review: Eureka Ultimate Clean Pet Vacuum Cleaner

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Welcoming in the New Year means it’s time to get our home organized after a busy holiday season. That starts with a thorough house cleaning. The seasonal cleanup is magnified for pet households since this is also a season when dogs continue to shed their warm weather coats to prepare for winter which, for us, just really began this week. Tiki and Irie both continue to blow their coats, and tumbleweeds of dog hair roll across the rooms if we don’t vacuum frequently…very frequently.

With two large dogs and three cats in our home, we were super glad to add a new tool for our house cleaning duties, the Eureka Ultimate Clean™ Pet vacuum cleaner.

This serious cleaning machine comes with an array of features to help pet parents cope with shedding season.

Right out of the box, we noticed that the Ultimate Clean Pet has a substantial, professional feel about it. Although a bit heftier than the vacuum we have been using, the Ultimate Clean Pet is well-balanced and easy to control. It is also well-engineered for the job at hand with thoughtfully designed features including:

  • A self-cleaning No-Tangle Brushroll™ which prevents long strands of pet hair from slowing down the vacuuming. This on-demand feature is achieved with a brief (10-second) press of the brushroll cleaning pedal, located on the right side of the unit. This clips those long strands into short ones which are then sucked up into the dust cup. This is a really great feature with Tiki’s long fur!
  • The vacuum features the Scatterproof Crumb Cleaner™ which is designed to vacuum up cereal without scattering it around the room–but it also works great on kibble, too!
  • AirSpeed® Technology features a short, direct path from floor to dust cup meaning that strong suction is maintained.
  • Two filters ensure that allergens and by-product dust are efficiently trapped before being released into the room. The lower filter is a branded Arm & Hammer Fresh Home Allergen Filter. Having asthma, I really appreciate these filters! Both filters can be removed for cleaning.
  • For cleaning stairs and furniture, the on-board Pet Power Paw® is a turbo nozzle which attaches to the extension wand. The couch–Irie’s favorite hangout–really benefited from vacuuming with the Pet Power Paw!
  • Other accessories include a crevice tool and a dust brush, both of which attach to the extension wand.
  • The generously-sized 27-foot power cord can be quickly rewound by pressing the cord rewind button (one of our favorite features!)

The vacuum is easily assembled, requiring no tools.

We give the Eureka Ultimate Clean Pet vacuum cleaner a big paws up for thoughtful design and quality construction. If you’re looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner for your pet homes–and you don’t mind a bit of extra weight in your vacuum–this is a great choice.

You’ll find the Eureka Ultimate Clean Pet vacuum cleaner at Walmart and from third-party sellers on Amazon.

We received a Eureka Ultimate Clean Pet vacuum for our review; as always, we only share products that we use in our own homes. All statements and opinions are our own.

John Bigley
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