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Got Poop? Get a Fillmore Pouch!

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We know that you know molly mutt for their stylish pet beds and duvets–but did you know you can get many of those colorful designs in a poop bag dispenser as well?

The Fillmore Pouch, created using some of molly mutt’s most popular designs, snaps right on your dog leash (or on your belt or dog walking bag) to hold waste bags at the ready. (And a hidden bonus is that you won’t be advertising the fact that you’re toting poop bags…the zipper ensures that you’re not trailing poop bags!)

This petite bag, measuring just 4.5″ x 3″ , is available in an array of designs:

Yesterday we gave the Fillmore Pouch a try on a trip to Lake Travis with Irie and Tiki. I snapped it on the leash handle, and we took off, ready to, well, fill more poop bags if the need arose.

We received a Fillmore Pouch for our review; this giveaway is sponsored by molly mutt.