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Our molly mutt Car Seat Cover Heads to the Lake!

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This week we’re wrapping up a giveaway for a molly mutt travel set–including a molly mutt seat cover and Fillmore Pouch. We wanted to give the products a try with Irie and Tiki as well, so we set off for the Jones Brothers Park in Jonestown, on the shores of Lake Travis, to see how well the seat cover performed in our vehicle!

I love the bright fabric of the Papillon design (you’ll find seven other designs as well). The quilted fabric

The cover also features slits for seat belts, if you’d like to use it as a back seat cover…

Straps (two at each end) make it easy to use this as a cargo cover, a back seat cover, or a back seat hammock…

Because the cargo cover of our car is large, we used the cover flat but you can also use it in your back seat as a cover or hammock, as seen in this molly mutt photo:

But this cover is so handy that it got me to thinking of other ways we can use it on trips including:

  • as a couch cover at hotels. Last month during our four-day evacuation at a La Quinta, this cover would have been great to throw over the room’s loveseat, which quickly became Irie’s favorite spot in the room.
  • as a bed cover at hotels.
  • as a large food, water bowl mat at hotels. The cover is washable and easy to remove from your vehicle.

I know we’ll be using the molly mutt cover a LOT on our future travels.


Dana Matthews

Monday 18th of September 2017

I'd like to use this on a trip with my Sadie to my brother's home in Texas. She loves to go and see him!


Sunday 17th of September 2017

i hav e pu and use it in the back fr mykids