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What Breed Mix is Buddy?

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As you know, I love mixed breed dogs. Irie and Tiki are both mixes of mixes, and we couldn’t be happier about that. We’ve DNA tested both dogs and love being able to share the results when people ask that inevitable question: “What kind of dog is that?”

Irie and Tiki’s best friend is named Buddy. He was adopted from the same rescue where we adopted both Tiki and our cat Inca. Buddy’s just over 20 pounds and a bundle of happiness and energy; he loves to walk with Irie and Tiki. Recently we had the opportunity to receive a free DNA test kit from DNA My Dog, and Irie and Tiki asked that we use it to obtain the breed mix of their best buddy:

The test uses a simple, safe cheek swab to obtain doggie DNA. You swab your dog’s cheek and send in the swabs; DNA My Dog checks the results against their database of breeds, and two weeks later you have your dog’s breed mix!

The test was super easy to use. The kit included two long swabs:

To ensure the most accurate results possible, I tested Buddy when he hadn’t been playing with Irie and Tiki, or their toys, which could have transferred some of our dogs’ DNA to Buddy. I also tested him when he had not eaten in several hours.

The swab was easy to administer; I just rubbed it along his cheek and gum:

The two swabs went into an envelope for air drying before sealing and shipping back.

So now we wait for Buddy’s results! In the meantime, what do YOU guess his breed mix might include? I’m definitely seeing some terrier (Border terrier?) and maybe Shih Tzu and very possibly some poodle? His fur is soft and a single coat, and his tail is a happy curl:

He has a distinct underbite as well:

Let us know your breed guess in the comments below!! When Buddy’s results come in, we’ll be sure to share the results with you.

In the coming days, we’ll also have a guest post from DNA My Dog’s founder, Mindy Tenenbaum, about how the easy-to-use cheek swab DNA test is helpful for shelter staff who can use the data to help place their furry adoptees into their perfect forever homes!

DogTipper received a free DNA My Dog kit in exchange for an honest review; we were not paid for this post. All statements and opinions are entirely our own.

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