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Is Your Dog a Cuddler? Barli Reviews the Martha Stewart Cuddler Bed

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Barli is a cuddler. Since the very FIRST night he came to our house, back on March 13, he has slept in our bed, always either tucked behind one of our knees or right beside one of us. While Tiki prefers room to stretch out while she sleeps, Barli is definitely a cuddler.

If your dog’s a cuddler, he may very well prefer a cuddle bed as compared to a flat traditional dog bed. A cuddler bed has raised sides so your dog can burrow down in there and get cozy. (And this week Barli also decided that his new Martha Stewart Brushed Canvas Cuddler Pet Bed would be a good hiding place for his sheep horn chew!)

The new Cuddler Bed (available in red or tan) has a removable pillow. Each of the four bolster inserts is removable so the bed can be machine washed.

The new bed is available on Amazon along with other new items, from collars and leashes to stylish bow ties and grooming solutions, in Martha’s pet care essentials line.

Barli gives the Cuddler Bed a big paws up!

We received a Cuddler Bed for our review; all statements and opinions are entirely our own (and Barli’s). This post includes an Amazon affiliate link; if you use our link, we receive a small percentage.