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Review: Campfire Natural Dog Treats

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Hearty Bites were also an excellent travel treat because they’re non-greasy and odor-free. Even in the hot summer weather we’re experiencing right now, I can attest to the fact that they do not smell, so we felt comfortable taking them to patio restaurants to keep Barli’s focus as diners came and went from the restaurant’s front door…

…and to reward Tiki for modeling good behavior for her little brother…

Hearty Bites were also a great way to help get Barli’s attention as we explored Mustang Island, from the parks…

…to the marinas, where the clanging of lines (and construction in the wake of Hurricane Harvey) left Barli a little worried. The treats really helped to get him to focus on us, and we continued the fun of our walk.

Each container of Hearty Bites contains 3.5 ounces of 100% beef heart; the treats are perfect for popping in your pocket or your favorite treat bag…

Campfire Treats also produces small batch jerky (beef, chicken and beef heart), beef liver treats, dehydrated chicken feet and chicken necks, and dehydrated fish skin chews. And like the Hearty Bites that Tiki and Barli enjoyed, you can opt for all-natural chicken jerky bites or all-natural beef liver bites for training treat-sized morsels.

You’ll find all the Campfire Treats available through their online store and, if you are either an active duty military member or a veteran, be sure to ask about the Campfire Treats military discount as well.

Campfire Treats’ Hearty Bites were a huge success on our trip. I loved them because they’re all-natural, made in the USA treats, and Tiki and Barli loved them for their tasty goodness. A big paws up for Campfire Treats!

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