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Need a Last-Minute Bath? Try Waterless Dog Shampoo!

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In just a few weeks, Barli will begin the first of two classes I’m planning to do with him to hopefully qualify him to be a nursing home therapy dog! As you know, he has visited our relatives in the nursing home many times and loves the experience–and people love seeing him.

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Rufus & Coco. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

I know that, in the second class that Barli and I will take, instruction includes grooming your dog in preparation for a nursing home visit, something we’ve already been very aware of in our visits.

We always groom Tiki and Barli before our visit–although sometimes they need a little extra cleanup the day before our trip.

Rufus & Coco Water Free Wash

In a few days, Tiki and Barli are once again headed to the nursing home for a family birthday party–so we’re repeating our last minute grooming steps. This time, though, we have two new products that are making the job much easier, starting with Rufus & Coco Water Free Wash!

This dry shampoo for dogs is from Rufus & Coco, a brand that recently debuted at PetSmart stores nationwide–but one that’s long been known as Australia’s most awarded pet brand. Named for the two top dog monikers in Australia, Rufus & Coco features a line of exclusively all-natural products, ones specifically designed to gently but thoroughly clean and groom dogs–and freshen their coats with a hypoallergenic fragrance.

Rufus & Coco Water Free Wash is a powdered dry shampoo that’s perfect for dogs who need a quick cleanup–or ones who don’t like water or need to stay out of the water for a few weeks whether that’s because of winter weather or surgery recovery.

The dry shampoo was super easy to use. Since this was Barli’s first time with a dry shampoo, I took some extra steps to make sure the experience was a fun one for him. First, he checked the bottle…

Next up, I touched him with the bottle then rewarded his calm behavior with praise and a quick treat…

Time for the groom! The top of the Rufus & Coco Water Free Wash peels back revealing small holes (much like a bottle of bath powder), making it super simple to apply First, I sprinkled it on Barli’s coat…

…then massaged it in with my fingers…

From there, I continued sprinkling and massaging as I worked down Barli’s back. To Barli, this bath was nothing more than a nice massage!

Next, I brushed out the excess (you can also use the blow dryer to remove excess powder.)

That’s it! The dry shampoo absorbs the natural oils and dirt in the dog’s coat so it brushes away, at the same time neutralizing any doggie odor. It left him smelling clean–but not perfumed.

Along with adding volume and body to Barli’s coat, there’s an added benefit for winter months: it helps prevent static! When he makes his nursing home visits, I know the absence of static will be a big bonus, especially during the dry winter months.

Rufus & Coco 3in1 Pamper Spray

Before the nursing home party, we’ll freshen Tiki and Barli’s coats again with Rufus & Coco 3in1 Pamper Spray, a finishing spray you can use after a bath or between baths, as we will.

It’s a three-in-one spray because it is specially created to de-tangle, deodorize and add a high shine to your dog’s coat all at once.

I tried it out with Tiki and, just like the dry shampoo, the 3in1 Pamper Spray was super simple to use.

I sprayed it on her coat, worked it through with my hands (you can also brush it through), and Tiki was ready!

I think I’ll pack this spray for our trips (perfect in case they need a little freshening up before going into the nursing home–or a hotel.)

Like all Rufus & Coco grooming products, the 3in1 Pamper Spray is pH balanced, a factor that’s even more important for dogs than it is for humans.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Did you know that dog skin is only 3-5 skin cells deep–while human skin is about 10-15 cells thick? That makes your dog’s skin really easy to damage with products that are too acidic.

Just in case you were thinking about just using human products on your dog, consider that your shampoo is about 200 times too acidic for your dog!

I’m so glad that we have an easy, no-fuss grooming option for our nursing home visits (and as we prepare for holiday company).

And when it’s time for Barli and Tiki to head to the tub for their next bath, I know we’ll turn to Sea Me Shine 2in1 Wash (made with Australian sea minerals and a coconut-derived surfactant).

You won’t find sulfates or parabens in Rufus & Coco shampoos–which also include 2in1 Oatmeal Wash for sensitive skin and 2in1 Puppy Wash for pups.

A big paws up for Rufus & Coco grooming products! Stay tuned for more on Barli’s training; I’m looking forward to keeping you posted as he takes the steps to become a nursing home therapy dog!