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How to Make DIY Dry Dog Shampoo {It’s Fast, Easy & Cheap!}

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Are you looking for an easy, inexpensive way to give your dog a bath–without wrestling your dog into the tub or heading to the groomer? The answer may be DIY dry dog shampoo. Fortunately it’s easy, fast–and cheap–to make homemade dry dog shampoo using items you probably already have on hand.

Whether you use this dry mixture to extend the time between real baths or to remove odors your dog picks up (how can they drop and roll SO quickly?), dry shampooing can be a good way to get your dog clean fast and without fuss.

You’ll find commercial dry dog shampoos in pet supply stores but you can also make an inexpensive diy dry shampoo at home in just minutes.

How to Make DIY Dry Dog Shampoo {It's Fast, Easy & Cheap!}

How do you use dry dog shampoo?

Super easy to use, dry dog shampoo simply sprinkles on your dog’s coat to help lift out dander, dirt, and oil.

You’ll work it into your dog’s coat then brush out all the powder and, with it, the dirt and oil!

Why use a dry shampoo?

Sometimes you just need a touch up, a quick clean up before an outing with your dog between grooming appointments.

Or perhaps it’s winter, a difficult time for home baths, especially for larger dogs that won’t fit into the sink.

Your choices are usually:

  1. a back-breaking (and sometimes dog-wrestling) session in the bathtub followed by often unpopular hair drying
  2. a trip to the dog groomer

But there’s another alternative: dry dog shampoo.

Recipe for DIY Dry Shampoo for Dogs

The basic recipe uses one cup of one of these ingredients:

  • cornstarch
  • flour
  • baby powder
  • unscented talc

Many recipes also call for adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to deodorize and to help remove dirt. Don’t baking soda on dogs with skin irritations or cuts because it will burn and further irritate the skin.

Some also call for a few drops of your favorite essential oil for dogs (use only essential oils you know are safe on dogs). Again, don’t use this on dogs with skin irritations or cuts.

When you have your ingredients selected, mix them together in a clean, dry glass jar with a metal, screw-top lid that’s small enough for you to hold easily.

Close up the lid and shake the ingredients to mix then punch about a half dozen holes in the lid.

Another option is a large spice shaker or empty parmesan cheese shaker with cover.

You’re ready to shampoo!

Steps to take BEFORE the shampoo

Before doing the dry shampoo, you’ll want to brush your dog thoroughly, just as you would before any dog bath.

Brush him head to tail and work through any tangles with your fingers. This will ensure that the dry shampoo gets all the way to his skin–the way it the shampoo will remove oil and dander.

Now you’re ready for the dry shampoo.

“Washing” your dog

Select a room you can vacuum easily or even mop: you will have powder to clean up when you’re done.

Take care to keep the powder out of your dog’s eyes and nose and start sprinkling, working the powder into the lower levels of his coat.

If you can, try to leave the dry shampoo in for five or ten minutes, then thoroughly brush it out.

The dry shampoo will take with it excess oil and dirt and you’ll have a cleaner dog!

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