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Grooming Your Dog for the Summer

As we wrote about last month, the warm weather here has had us starting our summer grooming sooner this year than usual. Tiki had her first “real” haircut to help keep her cool and to reduce her shedding.

Today we’ve got some special tips from PetSmart grooming expert Linda Erickson shares her tips on getting your dog ready for the summer:

Drop the Winter Coat: It’s important to help your dog get rid of their heavier winter coat so they can stay cool as temperatures rise. A bath will release the undercoat and a good brushing will get rid of the extra hair. To make sure pets are extra silky and shiny, a dose of milk bath moisturizing conditioner and regular at-home brushings will help make coats softer and healthier.

Less is Not Always More: Pet parents often think shaving a dog during the summer is the answer to shedding and overheating. However, a pet’s coat actually helps regulate their body temperature and protects them from the sun. The FURminator Shed-less Treatment is an alternative to shaving and an effective way to help control shedding and keep pets cooler.

Regular Maintenance Required: Dogs have regular, ongoing needs no matter the season, including coat, tooth andpaw care. A good teeth-cleaning routine both at home and the grooming salon is an essential part of a pet’s health. And it’s important to help keep dogs’ paws healthy with regular nail trims and removal of any extra hair so debris won’t get stuck in their paws.


Thursday 5th of May 2011

Thanks for the tips... very helpful. I have heard good things about the FURminator and will probably use it on our dogs this summer. Nice post!


Wednesday 4th of May 2011

At the moment our cats malting his black fur every where and the two huskies their white fur. You'd think we'd got a pet zebra. I agree all dogs especially long haired varieties need a summer trim.But unless it is exceptionally thick it should not be shorn to short.One thing I have noticed how the dogs skin dries out in the warmer months so I also give them an oatmeal shampoo at the start of the summer. Not only do they smell fresher it seems to help keep the itching down. Of course we still need to use flea treatments but at least they don't suffer skin irritation.

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