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FurBuster™ Dog De-Shedding Tool & Blade

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Product Name: FurBuster™ Dog De-Shedding Tool & Blade

What It Is: de-shedding brush for dogs that helps remove undercoat

Manufacturer: Bamboo Pet Center

Where It’s Available:, WalMart, other stores

DogTipper Review:

In the past, we’ve used curry combs and other types of dog brushes and combs to try to control the inevitable shedding problem we see every spring. We decided to try the FurBuster because of its price and the fact that it seemed so simple.

The FurBuster has a padded handle with a stainless steel blade at an angle, making it easy to hold the brush and get a good angle to the hair (without feeling like your hand’s falling off after a few minutes of brushing).

Available in three sizes (basically different widths to accommodate different dog sizes), the blade comes “unassembled” with the unit. We were glad to see there’s no need to get out a screwdriver or any other tool, however; the blade enclosed with the page just pops into place with a positive “snap” that lets you know you’ve assembled it correctly.

In appearance, the blade looks similar to a flea comb with short, close-set teeth. In operation, however, the FurBuster works differently than the comb. We’ve had a tough time using a comb on our dog Tiki’s hair because of tangles and long hair and generally have to use a brush. The FurBuster, however, glided through the hair with little snagging. On our dog Irie’s hair, which is super short, the FurBuster was a real breeze and slid through the hair, deshedding more hair than we even realized was loose!

We’ve also used the FurBuster on our cats with great success. Our cat Felix, whose very thick coat prohibits the use of a comb, loved the FurBuster. The amount of loose hair we obtained was amazing.

The only drawback is that you’ll have to reach down and pull out the wad of loose hair that the comb pulls out almost every brush stroke or two.

We’ll definitely be buying replacement blades for the FurBuster and intend to keep using it.

Official Manufacturer’s Website:


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Aca Baranton

Wednesday 1st of July 2020

My pet pug has got a thick coat and he shreds a lot during spring. You are right about the combs, I will definitely try this out. Many thanks for sharing this :)

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Friday 17th of December 2010

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