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Looking for a Shop Specifically for Pet Parents?

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This post is sponsored by Pet Parents®.

These days, we’re all looking for ways to shop from the convenience and safety of our homes–and often that means shopping for specialty products for our pets. Pet Parents® — a US-based company made up of pet parents — tackles some of the messier aspects of pet parenthood with products to help our furry family members be healthier and more comfortable…because that’s what being a parent is all about.

Pet Parents® — whose motto is “Healthy Pets. Happy Family. ®” — tackles some of the challenges our dogs face with their popular Amazon store. From allergies and digestion issues to incontinence and chewing, Pet Parents® offers products to care for the needs of our four-legged family members, all the while keeping our dogs comfortable and our homes clean. Now Pet Parents® has introduced a brand-new product: washable, waterproof Pawtect™ Blankets!

Pet Parents® is a company made up of pet parents just like you. We create products so you can raise your pets from birth to senior years, keeping your home clean, and your pet family healthy & happy.

Helping Shelter Dogs

Before we share our review of the Amazon store, we wanted to share a part of Pet Parents® that really spoke to us: their philanthropy.

The dog diapers and belly bands that launched this company aren’t just in need by pet parents–they’re needed by shelters and rescue organizations as well.

We eventually learned how so many good dogs in rescues and shelters are rehomed from family to family due to behavioral issues, primarily resulting from lack of potty training. Realizing how our products could potentially aid these families in the process and reduce the volume of dogs rehomed, we decided to dedicate to donating dog diapers, dog belly bands, and pee pads to shelters regularly anytime an organization needed our help.

Along with use by shelters, diapers and belly bands have also been donated to rescue organizations to help transport shelter pets often hundreds of miles to seek forever homes!

New Waterproof Blankets

If you live with a dog, you know messes happen…and happen year around. Potential messes include muddy paws, soggy fur, vomit, pee, poop…and we won’t even talk about that indescribable substance your dog just found to roll in, right?

Pawtect™ Blankets are designed for use everywhere from your couch to crate to car, providing a snuggly, layered blanket that wicks moisture deep into the blanket.

Specially-designed edges not only protect the blanket from chewers but also lock in moisture so it doesn’t seep out.

Pet Parents® original Pawtect™ Blankets are made up of our specifically created faux fur fabric and our proprietary Sherpup® multi-layer material. Sherpup® is not only the coziest fabric around, but also creates an impermeable barrier between both exterior fabrics so that no moisture can seep through either side of the blanket making our Pawtect™ Blankets perfect for all pets!

Pawtect Blankets are great for dogs with incontinence issues, perfect for pairing with Pet Parents diapers and belly bands (more on those products below!)

The waterproof blanket allows your dog to enjoy snuggling with you on the couch as he’s always done while giving you peace of mind that your upholstery will be safe and sound.

Dog Diapers and More

As so often happens in successful businesses, Pet Parents® was launched in January 2016 as a way to fill a very personal need. Founder Blake Anderson had lost his beloved, 15-year-old lab Blondie as a child when the family vet recommended euthanasia due to the dog’s incontinence. Years later, when Blake saw that diapers could be fitted for dogs, he knew that the product could be developed and improved to save the lives of dogs everywhere.

Soon Pet Parents® launched a line of premium washable dog diapers. Often purchased for elderly dogs, these diapers can also be used for dogs in heat, dogs whose housetraining is still a work in progress, gastrointestinal disorders, paralyzed dogs and more.

The diapers are made with Pet Parents’ proprietary fabric called WickQuick®; like the name says, this material is designed to wick away liquid fast, in the process helping to prevent diaper rash and urine burns.

Like diapers, belly bands for male dogs are another popular option in the Pet Parents Amazon store. Constructed without the crinkly fabric found in many belly bands, these washable bands feature a sewn-in diaper pad for maximum absorbancy–perfect for incontinent male dogs as well as dogs who like to mark (especially an issue when traveling with your dog!)

The WickQuick® fabric of the diapers and belly bands is also used in the company’s washable, waterproof Pawtect™ pee pads.

Available in round, square and rectangular shapes, these pads perform a needed service in style, thanks to its tan and gray tones. No more pee pads that look like a disposable diaper!

Supplements and Chewing Fun

Along with products to help contain pee and poop problems, the Pet Parents® Amazon store also features numerous other products including:

  • Pet Supplements. From allergies to joint health, Pet Parents® offers tasty supplements for your dog.
  • Gnawtlers™. Whether you need to distract your dog during stressful times (or just distract him from chewing on your furniture!) or keep your dog busy while you jump on that Zoom call, Gnawtlers™ provides hours of chewing fun. These premium, naturally shed elk antlers are odor- and mess-free.
  • Pain Free Repellent Mats. Do you have a special chair or sofa you’d like to train your dog to stay off? These pain-free mats are made of super crinkly fabric that dogs and cats hate but use no shock or sharp plastic–just crinkly fabric to discourage your dog.

We give Pet Parents’ Amazon store a big paws up for its range of products that help make our pets’ lives more comfortable and happier–and for their wonderful donation program that helps dogs get out of shelters and find their own pet parents!

Photos courtesy Pet Parents® and Amazon

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