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Keeping Your Dog Safe at Your Fourth of July Party

Fourth of July Party AnimalAre you planning a Fourth of July celebration at your house? While barbecues and fireworks can be fun for family and friends, they can spell trouble for Fidos without proper preparations. Today we’ve got some Fourth of July tips from Comcast’s Pet Adoptions On Demand, a great television effort that airs in 27 cities and features profiles of adoptable shelter pets.

  • Keep an ID tag with your name and your phone number on your pet at all times, in case your dog gets frightened and runs off at the onset of fireworks displays.
  • While inside of the house, give your dog something to keep busy with such as a Kong or chewy treat. This may take their mind off of the loud noises and fireworks.
  • Leave a television or radio on as white noise for your dog may take the edge off, especially if your dog gets nervous around loud noises.
  • During the barbeuce, give dogs time both inside and outside, make sure pets are on a leash and supervised so they don’t jump the fence or get loose with guests coming in and out.
  • Beware of certain foods that are prevalent at barbecues that can be toxic to your pets such as onions and grapes. And, of course, beware of table scraps like chicken and steak bones and chocolate!
  • Exercise your pet before guests arrive or before you are heading out to a BBQ to avoid them from getting overexcited and stimulated by the festivities.
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