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National Treat Your Pet Day

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We love to treat our dogs–it’s a wonderful way to reward good behavior, teach a new trick or just to show our love. But treating our dogs comes with responsibilities–from knowing which treats are safe to serve our dogs and how much to serve. National Treat Your Pet Day was established to help answer those questions and to encourage pet lovers to select healthy treats for treating not only on Halloween and during the holiday season but year around.

 National Treat Your Pet Day

When is National Treat Your Pet Day?

National Treat Your Pet Day is held every October 30. The pet holiday was launched in 2021 by Dr. Marty Goldstein, founder of, to encourage pet parents to treat their four-legged companions with delicious, nourishing snacks, extra love, and attention.

The dog holiday is timed to coincide with the Halloween and the start of the holiday season–a time when we all love treats but can find it way too easy to snack on the wrong treats–or overindulge, a problem for both ourselves and our pets. Whether you purchase dog treats or make your own dog treats, it’s important to serve an appropriate amount for your dog’s size and activity level.

How You Can Treat Your Dog Safely

In the spirit of National Treat Your Pet Day, Dr. Marty has shared guidelines on how to help keep your pet safe this Halloween, and the healthiest ways to treat your pet.

Avoid commonly toxic foods.

Securely store all candy and be careful with table scraps. Most pet parents are aware of the importance of keeping highly-toxic chocolate and candies containing xylitol away from pets.

Not only are these treats intended for humans only, but depending on how much is ingested, they can severely disrupt your pet’s digestive system and cause dangerous side effects.

Don’t overindulge

Many dog and cat treats on the market tend to have higher fat content than their regular food, which is what makes them extra delicious and desirable for our pets.

In turn, this means it’s a lot easier to overindulge when giving our pets treats.

Treats should make up no more than 10% of your pet’s daily diet, which can vary greatly based on their age, breed and activity level.

Choose premium ingredients. 

The nutritional benefits and ingredients in your pets’ treats can make a big difference in how well your pet enjoys and digests a treat.

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National Treat Your Pet Day - October 30
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