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Using Petfinder to Locate Local Rescues

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As we wrote about the other day, we’ve used to help us adopt three of our furry family members. Using is very easy–you can search for dogs, cats, or other animals near the location of your choice–you can also narrow your search and find plenty of other helpful adoption information on this site as well.

Tomorrow we’ll be providing tips to using Petfinder’s main search function to help find just the pet you’re looking for but today we wanted to look at a couple of searches you may not be familiar with for rescues and shelters by location and for adoption events.

You can search for animal welfare groups by location by typing in your zip code, city or state in the search box. You can also search by the rescue group’s name or search by breed for groups that include that breed in their name.

Your search results will include those closest to you followed by those located further away. For example, we did a search for TX and Australian Shepherd and received this list of rescues. Although there wasn’t an Australian Shepherd rescue in Texas with the words Australian Shepherd in their name, we received results with the neighboring states listed first:

You can also search by state and city, using the dropdown box to select a particular city in your state or leave it set on the default setting of “all” to get a list of all the rescues and shelters in your state that are registered on Petfinder. You can add a group name or breed to narrow your search if you like:

Would you rather look at adoptable pets at an adoption event? You can search for local adoption events near you by using the Petfinder calendar, located under the “Near You” tab in the top navigation bar of every Petfinder page. You’ll find dog, cat, small pet, or “all” adoption event options (as well as dog walks, fundraisers, spay/neuter, and other special events.)

Stay tuned: tomorrow we’ll be looking at tips for using Petfinder’s main search for finding the adoptable pet of your dreams!

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