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Calming Your Dog During Thunderstorms

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As I’ve written about before, our dog Irie hats thunder. Really, really hates thunder. Of course, summer and thunder are a package deal…so discovering ways to lessen your dog’s anxiety is key.

Thundershirt, a product that calms dogs and cats (we’re presently reviewing a cat Thundershirt) with gentle pressure, has prepared a list of ideas to help pet parents prepare for thunderstorms:

  • A permanent pet ID such as microchip is advised to help you locate your pet in case they get lost.
  • Photograph each pet and store these pictures with other important documents in sealed/waterproof plastic bags.
  • Make sure that your pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations. Boarding kennels typically require proof of current vaccinations.
  • During a storm, you can play pet-friendly, classical music, or even run a load of dishes or laundry. The calming or familiar noise may be relaxing to your pets.
  • Also, have your pets’ favorite toy, blanket and/or bed nearby during a severe storm.

Be sure to view our Thundershirt review as well as our review of Canine Calm, a natural aromatherapy product for calming dogs during times of stress.

Paris Permenter
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