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Preparing for the Fourth of July with Canine Calm

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The countdown is on to the Fourth of July. While we’re looking forward to a somewhat quieter day, work-wise, we’re not looking forward to Wednesday night. Every July 4th–just like every New Year’s Eve–we know that Irie is going to be stressed by the sound of fireworks.

On Wednesday, we’ll be reaching for Canine Calm, an all-natural formula containing water, polysorbate 20; pure essential oils of bergamot, tangerine, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, marjoram and potassium sorbate. Like other products in the Earth Heart line, Canine Calm was developed by a certified aromatherapist and master herbalist.

Using Canine Calm is super easy; massage it behind your dog’s ears or on the abdomen; it can also be misted into the air or on your dog’s bedding or crate. It’s best to use it before your dog becomes upset.

We’ve used Canine Calm with Irie in the past but, last fall, I had the chance to use it firsthand! I was speaking at BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta. Public speaking makes me nervous. Atlanta was hot. And I had traveled with no perfume. I really felt I needed some sort of cologne so I searched my swag bag and found a sample of Canine Calm in the bag. Why not? I spritzed it on my neck and got ready for my seminar.

And it went great. I wasn’t nervous (which isn’t like me!) I really feel that the calming scent helped me relax and enjoy giving my presentation. And I smelled good 🙂

After my personal experience with Canine Calm, I will definitely be using it on Irie on Wednesday night as well as when summer thunderstorms roll in!

To learn more about Canine Calm, visit the Earth Heart site, where you can order online and also find a list of stores that carry the Earth Heart products.

This is a sponsored post but all opinions and statements are entirely my own…based on my use of Canine Calm both on Irie and on myself!