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Pet-Proofing Your Computer

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Just last week, we wrote about removing pet hair that collect in our keyboards and in every corner of our electronic equipment (and, let’s be honest: just about every place else in the house, too.) So when we received this infographic from SurDoc about cat-proofing your computer, we realized that many of these tips would apply to dog families, too.

Pet-proofing is especially important with young puppies whose sharp teeth can puncture computer cables and expose pups to electrocution dangers. Be sure to bundle those cables and, whenever possible, enclose them in hard plastic coverings to make them more chew-resistant. If you have exposed wires that can’t be contained, be sure you’ve put a bitter spray on them (watching out for computer connections) to discourage your puppy from chewing; better yet, create a furniture barricade to prevent access! Here are more tips (and a free offer for 30GB free storage with the coupon code CATPROOF.)