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7 Activities for Your Dog When It’s 100 Degrees or Hotter!

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Wondering what to do with your dog when the temperatures reach 100 degrees in the shade? Fortunately (or unfortunately!), we are experts at coping with hotter than hot temperatures as our Texas temperatures routinely hit the triple digits on summer days.

Here are seven fun activities you and your dog can enjoy when the mercury rises:

Go for a Drive

Remember the joy of a Sunday afternoon drive with your parents? A time just to aimlessly head off down a country road, just for the sake of seeing where it went? Our dogs also enjoy joyrides and, thanks to a good car AC,  we’re all comfortable as we get out and explore.

Buy a Wading Pool

You can’t go wrong with a small wading pool for your dog. I purchased a used sandbox last year that Barli just loves; one benefit of it is that it includes a top so, if there is any water left at the end of the day, we can cover the pool overnight.

Plan a Swimming Day

We love taking the dogs to the lake or, if we have a couple of days, to the beach for some swimming fun. Plan plenty of shade breaks, pack lots of fresh water, and don’t forget the sunscreen! Before allowing your dog in the water, be sure to check for the presence of toxic blue-green algae.

Plan an Early Morning Walk

One of our favorite activities to head out early in the morning, pick up some breakfast tacos, and visit a local park. After a breakfast picnic, we head off on the trails. Our day’s activity is done before the heat begins.

Have Breakfast at a Dog-Friendly Patio Restaurant

We are fortunate that the Austin area is filled with dog-friendly patio restaurants. While lunch and dinner are certainly options, we like to plan a breakfast with the dogs, a time when the patio is cooler for everyone.

Visit a Dog-Friendly Store

Take advantage of the air conditioning and plan a trip to a pet supply store or dog-friendly store. We always go in the mornings but consider protective booties for your dog during these outings if you’re going in the afternoon or evening when parking lots and sidewalks are griddles.

Plan an Overnight Trip

Even if it’s a staycation in your own home town, plan an overnight stay with your dog at a pet-friendly property. Even the simplest activities, from dog walks around the hotel to walks up and down the hallways, will keep your dog amused and fetch memories for years to come!

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