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What is a Wet Bag and Why Do Dog Moms Need One?

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I have to admit that I was new to the world of wet bags when I first started researching wet bags while designing our new Yucky Puppy® poop bag carrier— basically a wet bag for dogs.

While moms of infants are very familiar with wet bags as a way to tote soiled diapers and clothing, they haven’t been used much by dog moms. But you might be surprised at the many ways you can use a wet bag on your dog walks, daily excursions, and travel with your dog!

wet bag for dogs

1. Hide the poop bag.

dog wet bag

Drop that full bag of dog poop in your wet bag and only your dog will know what you’re toting! No more waving at neighbors on your morning dog walk with a saggy bag dangling from your leash–or wondering how much further you are going to have to hike on that trail before you ever find a trash can.

2. Carry wet tennis balls and toys.

Heading to the dog park for a game of fetch? Carry the tennis ball in a wet bag; when you head home, drop that soggy ball in the bag.

3. Carry half-chewed bully sticks.

Our dogs love bully sticks and other chews but sometimes they don’t finish one–but they’re not about to leave it behind. Drop the soggy chew into a wet bag and continue on your day!

4. Hide the drool rag.

Drool happens, and if your dog is a dedicated drooler, you are probably carrying a drool rag with you. Keep it in a wet bag–much better than stuffing it into your pocket!

5. Corral those dirty dog booties.

Whether your dog is wearing booties in the summer months to protect his paws from hot pavement, in the winter months to avoid ice and dangerous de-icing chemicals, or year around due to allergies, booties get dirty. Drop the dirty ones in a wet bag (or carry the booties in the wet bag if your dog is leaving home “barefoot”–no more lost booties!)

6. Stash a wet collar.

Wet bags for dogs -- swimming dogs

Wearing a wet collar after a swim can cause hot spots around your dog’s neck. Unless you’re using a waterproof collar, pack an extra collar for your swims; when it’s time to head home, drop the wet collar in the wet bag.

7. Tote a collapsible water bowl.

I always carry a collapsible water bowl on our excursions–but, let’s face it, once you’ve poured the water out of the bowl, you still have a wet bowl. I drop our collapsible bowl in a Yucky Puppy wet bag as soon as the dogs are finished drinking then continue on our way.

8. Carry a soiled dog diaper.

If your dog suffers from incontinence and wears a dog diaper, that’s no reason to stay home! Wet bags have long been popular with moms of infants who need cloth diapers, and they work equally well with dog diapers. Toss an extra diaper in a large wet bag; when changing the diaper, you can put the soiled diaper into the wet bag, whether it’s a cloth diaper you’re taking home for cleaning or a disposable diaper that you’re carrying until you find a trash can. Wet bags have a long strap with a snap, perfect for snapping on a stroller handle if your dog is in a stroller!

9. Hide the wet belly band.

Does your male dog wear a belly band? Just like doggie diapers, it pays to pack extras. Put a dry belly band in the wet bag; when it’s time to change, tote the wet belly band home in the bag.

10. Pack pet medications.

Whether you choose to use a wet bag to contain your pet first aid kit or just some meds for the weekend, a wet bag makes a great carrying bag to keep dog medications together. Drop your dog’s medications–especially messy ones like ointments and ear drops–into a wet bag on your next trip! If liquid medication should leak, the wet bag’s waterproof PUL lining will keep everything else dry.

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Friday 3rd of January 2020

Wet bags for dogs are such a great idea! Thanks for all the ideas you listed here - I didn't think of a lot of these!