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Dreaming About Dogs? Dream Interpretations & Symbolism of Dogs

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Are you dreaming about dogs? If you are curious about the symbolism of dogs in your dreams, we’re breaking down the meaning of the most common dog dreams.

Your dreams are “the royal road to the unconscious”, according to psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. In other words: dreams reveal more about you than you may know.

What does it mean when you dream about a dog?

What does it mean when you dream about a dog?

If you dream about dogs, the meaning of the dream will depend on (1) the context of the dream and (2) the details in the dream.

Dogs are powerful icons of attachment, friendship, fidelity and dedication.

A few of the dog’s meanings and symbols include:

  • adaptation
  • family
  • companionship and affection
  • loyalty and dedication
  • tenacity and perseverance
  • courage
  • guardianship
  • sensitivity and intuition
  • purpose,
  • joy

Dogs also symbolize passion and animal instinct. Dreaming of a dog symbolizes passion, anger, or greed in your relationships.

This dream can also mean that you are now involved in a situation beyond your control. Besides, it may indicate you are not controlling your passion or lust.

The dog is the first animal that comes to mind when talking about loyalty. So, dreaming with a dog can also be a symbol of friendship.

Dogs can also symbolize occult enemies–it all just depends on the context.

Are you dreaming of a dog guiding you?

According to shamanism, each person has an animal spirit guide who can provide them wisdom to help them design their life. It is crucial to consider this if you believe this animal was sent to you to tell you something, advise you, or offer you guidance. The meaning in this sense depends on the details of your dream.

Historically, many cultures saw dogs as spiritual guides. If a dog serves you as a spiritual guide, you may rely on it for protection, vigilance, bravery, dedication, and persistence.

A dog guiding you in a dream symbolizes that you may have a difficult path ahead of you but you are receiving help.

Are you dreaming of black dogs?

Are you dreaming of black dogs?

A black dog in your dream suggests that it is difficult for you to control your desires. If you dream about a black dog, the black dog represents your urges and passions.

Dreams about black dogs may indicate that you need to understand, change and let go of those damaging feelings and desires instead of suppressing them.

Traditionally, dreaming of black dogs is a negative omen. If you are dreaming of black dogs, here are some things you consider:

  • Ask yourself if there are any thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that are hurting you and that you need to change.
  • Reflect on what you can do to improve.
  • Meditate on those negative repressed emotions and what you can do to let them go.
  • Find a way to channel those negative feelings with creative outlets such as painting, sports, music, etc.

Are you dreaming of a dog biting you?

Do you dream of a dog biting and not letting go? This dream may be warning you about possible damages. It can also mean your passions or desires are hurting you from the inside.

A dog biting in your dreams may signal betrayal and disloyalty. Your dream is possibly warning you that someone in your inner circle is doing negative things.

You must be cautious about who you trust. Not everyone you meet is deserving of your trust.

Generally, dog attacks in dreams mean attacks from friends or revealing occult enemies.

Are dogs chasing you in your dreams?

Did you dream about dogs chasing you? Then, it’s time to reflect on what you are running away from.

Dogs chasing you can mean you feel you can’t escape from your passions or negative feelings.

This dream is telling you that there are situations in your life that you need to improve. Most of these situations are not external circumstances but thoughts, feelings, or passions that live within you and are hurting you.

Have you dreamed about dogs barking at you?

As we said earlier, dogs can represent parts of yourself that you may not like or that hurt you, often related to passion and instincts. If you dream about dogs barking at you, the meaning depends on the context and the type of dog you saw.

If you dream about angry dogs or black dogs barking at you, it can mean that those negative parts of yourself are very obvious, and they are coming to the surface. In other words, you cannot hide them anymore.

If you dream about a dog guiding you and it barks you, it can mean that it is trying to tell you something. You may need to reconnect with your spiritual side.

If you dream about a friendly dog barking at you, a good friend may be wanting to tell you something.

Are you hearing barking in your sleep?

Up to 15% of people report having auditory hallucinations. It could entail hearing something when nothing is present, such as sirens, a dog barking, or someone talking. Most individuals just refer to the phenomenon as “hearing voices.”

If you hear barking in your sleep, don’t worry about it. It is a common phenomenon.

However, if you hear barking in your dreams, there are aspects of yourself that you may want to hide, but they are coming to the surface. You may be feeding your weaknesses instead of working on your virtues.

What’s the meaning of a friendly dog dream?

Man has innumerable signs of the fidelity and loyalty of dogs, which even risk their lives to save ours. Also, there are some famous stories of dogs that have waited for their owners for years or have haunted their graves, leaving clear evidence of the strength of their bond.

If you dream about a friendly dog, that can symbolize true friendship. It may be telling you that someone around you is a true friend or that a new friend will arrive soon.

Are you dreaming of dogs chasing you?

Being chased in dreams can mean two things:

  • Attack by enemies. This dream may be warning you about possible damages, similar to the dream about a dog biting you.
  • Need to confront demons. Dreaming about being chased by dogs can also indicate you may lack the will to confront your demons. When dogs chase you in a dream, it has a particular meaning. Those weaknesses may be those passions that have caused you to be off balance.

If you dream of dogs chasing you, you need to reflect on what you are running away from in your day-to-day life. You need to encourage yourself to triumph over your demons. This dream is telling you that you can do it, and you only need more determination.

Have you had a dream of an injured dog?

Dogs can represent our passions, negative feelings or thoughts, or our flaws in general.

If you dream about an injured dog, it can mean that one aspect of yourself is changing, but it still exists. Dreaming about an injured dog is an invitation to examine what part of yourself needs to change.

What does it mean if you are dreaming of dead dogs?

Death is a symbol of transformation and change, and animals, in general, represent our flaws and instincts. If you dream of a dead dog, it means you are undergoing a process of transformation for good.

Dogs usually represent flaws associated with our passions or lust. If you dream about dead dogs, reflect on what parts of yourself you are letting go so you don’t repeat those actions.

Dreaming about dead dogs can be a terrifying dream, but don’t be afraid of change. It is a necessary process in life. Be aware of what your dreams are telling you.

Are you seeing a white dog in a dream?

Are you seeing a white dog in a dream?

In dreams, white symbolizes purity. If a white, friendly dog appears in your dream, it is a good omen symbolizing true friendship.

If you see a white dog in a dream, be aware of what happens next. Maybe a friendly person appears in your life, or it may be telling you that someone you know is a true friend and you should trust them.

If you are having a difficult situation with someone and you dream about seeing a white, friendly dog, your dream may be telling you to avoid conflict and forgive.

Are you seeing a brown dog in a dream?

Are you seeing a brown dog in a dream?

Brown and other dark colors generally have a negative meaning in dreams. They can symbolize mediocrity, as well as fear and distress.

Dreams appear in your life to reflect your inner state of mind. If you are seeing a brown dog in a dream, you need to identify where those fears come from and what you can do about them. There is something you need to change about yourself.

Are you dreaming of Cerberus?

Cerberus is the three-headed dog that appears as the guardian of the underworld in Greek mythology. In this role, the Dog spirit serves once again as a guide and even assumes the role of a humble mediator for human souls.

Dreaming of Cerberus represents respect for God and is considered a very positive omen.

What does it mean if you see a dog guarding gates in a dream?

Dreaming of a dog that guards gates may symbolize that you need to confront yourself and your passions to access higher wisdom. This is especially true when the dog is in front of a spiritual or luxurious place such as a temple or or structure like a palace.

If you develop temperance and discipline you can connect with your true self.

Are you dreaming of puppies?

Dreaming of puppies is a lovely dream that indicates positive things.

If you have a dream of cute, friendly puppies, the dream is a symbol of friendship and joy.

Have you dreamed of giving food to a dog in a dream?

Have you dreamed of giving food to a dog in a dream?

Dreaming that feature food are generally positive dreams. Food represents abundance and ailment to the soul. However, if you are feeding dogs, the meaning depends on what kind of dog appeared in your dream.

Dreaming of giving food to a dog may mean that you are giving them the energy to grow.

If you are feeding a black dog, it can mean you are giving too much energy to your ego. If you feed a friendly white dog or a guide dog, it is a positive omen.

What does it mean to dream about dogs according to psychology?

Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, believed that dreams were a manifestation of what the conscious mind was unable to fully understand. In other words, the unconscious mind knew that the conscious mind did not.

That reasoning has led many dream analysts to turn to dreams for a deeper, if more occult, perspective on and solutions to those struggles and issues they can’t easily handle.

Freud shared the same view as many indigenous cultures. They believed that animal dreams were a unique and interesting class of dreams.

In Jungian psychology, animals in dreams represent the instincts that we suppress in daily life. Therefore, they end up appearing in our dreams.

In this sense, dog dreams may show some instincts or passions that exist within you. You need to examine them and understand where they come from. If possible, you need to channel those impulses into something creative such as sports (or dog sports!), arts or anything you feel will help you.


The dog represents loyalty, honesty, and companionship, a reliable guardian and faithful companion. Dogs frequently represent affection and domesticity.

In dreams, dogs generally represent instincts, passion, urges, lust, fears and betrayal, but they can also symbolize friendship or spiritual guidance depending on the context.

If you are dreaming about dogs, give yourself some time to think about what the dream. Just like analyzing the behavior of our dogs, analyzing our dreams about dogs are a chance to get to know ourselves a little bit better.

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Dreaming About Dogs? Dream Interpretations for All Your Dog Dreams!
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