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Is QuikTrip Dog Friendly?

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Whether you know them as QuikTrip or QT, this chain of over 900 stores in the US is a favorite with many travelers looking for a quick place to run for gasoline and essentials. But is QuikTrip a dog friendly store?

The answer is no–QuikTrip is not dog friendly for the same reason you cannot take your dog in a grocery store or restaurant: FOOD.

However, there is one exception–and one possible workaround if you’re traveling with your dog and want to stop for lunch.

Is QuikTrip dog friendly?

Did you know QuikTrip originally had a dog mascot?

QuikTrip originally had a dog mascot, an named Lamar. From 1978-1991, he appeared in commercials alongside Dukes of Hazard actor Ben Jones who would ask the dog, “Ain’t that right, Lamar?”

According to QuikTrip’s tweet: “Lamar became QuikTrip’s mascot in 1978 and starred in commercials with the Cowboy for QT until 1991.”

QuikTrip mascot

What if I’m at a QuikTrip with my dog?

On a recent trip to QuikTrip, we saw a customer enjoying the outdoor tables with his dog:

dog at outdoor QuikTrip tables

You will find outdoor seating at most locations if you have a fellow traveler who can run inside for food and snacks.

Are Service Dogs Allowed in QuikTrip?

Yes, a trained service dog that is required to assist you is allowed in any QuikTrip store under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The American QuikTrip’s ADA policy page notes, “QuikTrip is committed to making reasonable modifications in policies, practices, and procedures to permit the use of service animals by persons with disabilities. Service animals play an important role in ensuring the independence of people with disabilities, and it is therefore our policy to welcome into our stores any animal that is individually trained to assist a person with a disability.”

If you have any problems accessing a QuikTrip store with your service dog, QuikTrip urges customers to call at 1-800-441-0253 or contact their ADA Coordinator.

NOTE: An emotional support dog does not have the same rights as a service dog. In some states, emotional support states are considered service dogs but in most states an emotional support animal is not considered a service animal.

Do not misrepresent your dog as a service dog. Depending on where you live, misprepresenting your dog as a service dog can carry a hefty fine of up to $1000.

Be sure to check our list of 100+ dog-friendly stores for places you may be able to shop with your dog in your home town.

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Are dogs allowed at QuikTrip?
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