Our Fun Day at #StrutYourMutt Austin!

Today we enjoyed a super fun outing in Austin! With Irie and Tiki, we headed to Austin for the Best Friends Strut Your Mutt dog walk and fundraiser. As I told you about in a post earlier this week, I’m proud to be an ambassador for this great organization (and Irie and Tiki are very […]

Our Squirrely Week

I have to take a break from our usual dog posting to share a rescue story of a different variety. The other day, we were unloading the dogs from the Jeep when suddenly Tiki bolted to the end of her leash. (Thank goodness Tiki was on leash or this story would have had a much […]

DogTipper + Tiki Celebrate a Birthday!

Today we celebrated a big day: Tiki’s seventh adoption anniversary AND the seventh anniversary of the launch of DogTipper (and our anniversary of our switch from travel guidebook writing to pet writing!) It’s truly hard to believe that time has gone by so quickly. We took off for a day of family fun today, heading […]

Irie’s One Year Anniversary After ACL Injury

This has been a busy week with the deadline for resolving all the copyeditor queries on our Day Trips from Austin revision. The days got away from me…then suddenly I looked at the calendar and realized that tomorrow will be one year since Irie tore her ACL. We went to the vet the day of […]

Aug. 16: The Week Ahead

Well, I’d planned to report to you today about how much office reorganization I had achieved this weekend. A wasp had different plans for me, though. A sting by a red wasp on Saturday meant swelling all day Saturday. Irie did her best to help out (or did she just want the ice on my […]

Our Quick Trip to Surfside Beach, Texas

This summer has been speeding by in a blur. Between our Day Trips from Austin book deadline, our increasingly busy PawZaar gift store, the Austin Pet Expo, and more, June suddenly became August…and we decided it was time for a quick little beach getaway. We usually head to Port Aransas but rates are high during […]

The Week Ahead

Happy Monday! After a busy (working!) weekend, we’re getting ready for a busy week ahead. Our house is filled with banners and boxes for this week’s expo…but we’ve been making time for lots of swimming as well. The temperatures are now right at about 100 degrees, and I’m holding my breath that the creek keeps […]

The Week Ahead, June 7

We wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes during Lucky’s illness and surgery! Two days ago, Lucky had his sutures removed so he is finally free of the cone! (Although I have to admit that he did really well with this soft collar.) He goes back in for an appointment with his internal medicine […]

May 10: The Week Ahead

I hope everyone’s had a very happy Mother’s Day! We had a busy day catching up with a stack of freelance work and work on our Day Trips from Austin book revision. The clock is ticking down to our book deadline so we have some busy weeks ahead. I’ve been meaning the past few days […]

We’re Sending a Guatemalan Child to School for One Year!

Hooray…we did it! Thanks to your purchases in our store and your social sharing of our store with your friends, one child in the community of La Esperanza, Guatemala will be attending school for an entire year! Many of our PawZaar products are produced by about 80 women who belong to Unidas Para Vivir […]