PawZaar gift shop

We’re Sending a Guatemalan Child to School for One Year!

Hooray…we did it! Thanks to your purchases in our store and your social sharing of our store with your friends, one child in the community of La Esperanza, Guatemala will be attending school for an entire year! Many of our PawZaar products are produced by about 80 women who belong to Unidas Para Vivir […]

April Showers!

Today we’d planned an Easter egg hunt with Irie and Tiki…but the weather had some other ideas! A heavy drizzle changed our plans but we did get in our twice-daily dog walks, albeit a little damp. As you know, we’ve been in drought conditions for the past several years here, so all rain is always […]

Brush Burning and Breakfast Tacos

This has been one cold week here in central Texas. We didn’t get the snow we were hoping for, just some ice and, today, lots of drizzle which made it a perfect day for burning brush. After the now years-long drought we’ve been in, there are a lot of dead trees on our place. Little […]

Irie and Tiki Get Ready for Day Tripping

This week has been one of the coldest of the winter here–but we’re making plans for many days of travel in the coming weeks. We will be updating our Day Trips from Austin guidebook (Globe Pequot). This book, which features trips within a two-hour driving radius of Austin, was our very first book; the first […]

Why I Love Stray Dogs

As our regular readers know, both Irie and Tiki are former stray dogs. Tiki was found by the shelter; she was sitting on the side of the road. Irie was running through town before being caught by a Good Samaritan and taken to the local no-kill shelter. Before Irie and Tiki, we had another generation […]

Our Big Announcement: PawZaar! #GIVEAWAY

Happy Valentine’s Day! Fifteen years ago today, we launched our first website, our romantic travel site. Today we are super excited to announce that we are launching a new site that combines both our international travel and pet loves in one:! is an online retail store focused on international goods for pet lovers. […]

We’re One Week from a Big Announcement!

Valentine’s Day has been a big career milestone for us since Feb. 14, 2000 when we launched our romantic travel website. For the next eight years, that site grew to become a bigger and bigger part of our livelihood until in 2008 we launched DogTipper. Well, this Valentine’s Day we are launching another new site–but […]

25 Things You May Not Know About Us & DogTipper

One of my goals for 2015 is to get personal here on DogTipper. Recently a reader wrote to us, asking for advice from someone within our company. Well, while I’m flattered that some people think DogTipper is a larger organization, this is definitely a Mom and Pop company. So one of my goals this year […]

Confused About Which Products to Buy?

Let’s face it: the pet market is bursting with good products. The final numbers aren’t yet in for 2014 but spending in the pet market was projected to be $58.51 billion. Pet supplies make up nearly $14 billion of those purchases, and the options are innumerable for dog beds, dog toys, treats, chews, cleaning aids, […]

Looking Ahead and Looking Behind

On this cold, rainy New Year’s Day (a far cry from the predicted ice storm we’d braced for this week),  we’ve enjoyed having the chance just to relax and snuggle with Irie and Tiki and our cats. In this season of looking behind — and ahead at the year that awaits — we’ve been quietly […]