NOSE Offense Review

nose-offenseProduct: NOSE Offense

What It Is: pet odor neutralizer

Manufacturer: New York-based Rembo Corporation; made in USA.

DogTipper Review: Let’s face it: pets mean pet smells. From dog beds to litter boxes, pets leave behind smells in your home (and car). With asthma, I’m very careful buying deodorizers and cleaning products; the wrong fragrance can put a quick stop to my housecleaning!

So when the chance came up to receive a review bottle of NOSE Offense, I was very interested in checking out this new product. It doesn’t use perfumes to mask the odor. It doesn’t use enzymes. Instead, NOSE Offense uses the principle of “odor conjugation” to combine the molecules in the spray with the odor molecules to then create a neutral smell.

This sounded too good to be true. I put it to the test in the smelliest spot in the house: the litter box area. With four cats in the house, this area gets a workout. This would be a good test.

I sprayed it around the litter boxes and immediately the air was filled with a light, clean smell that was replaced by, well, no smell. Just as advertised, NOSE Offense neutralized the odors.

To use NOSE Offense, just spray it in the air near the offending odors; it’s safe for fabrics that aren’t harmed by water (so you’d want to wipe it off the leather recliner if it gets on it). It’s safe for carpets, too, although you’ll want to wipe it off wood floors. Don’t spray yourself or your pets.

Along with its efficiency as an odor neutralizer, we also liked the ecofriendliness of this product. It is biodegradable, non-toxic, contains no metallic salts, phosphate free, enzyme free, and contains no phenol or phenol derivatives.

A definite paws up for NOSE Offense!

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