New Carrier Allows You to Protect, Comfort Your Pet!

Do you have a small dog (or cat) who travels in a carrier? Our Irie and Tiki are far too large for carriers–but we sure have a lot of experience with carriers with our cats. As readers of our CatTipper site know, this summer our cat Lucky became very ill with bladder stones; we were […]

Help People + Pets with Our New RESCUE Tote!

I am so, so excited to announce the launch of our latest PawZaar product: the RESCUE Tote Bag. I love the design and size of our new tote, perfect for a day out with the doggies or a trip to the store, but, even more, I love the story behind this special bag. These bags […]

NEW: Our Run to Rescue Bracelet (+ a 50% Off Sale!!)

We’re so excited to announce our new Run to Rescue Bracelet!! This stainless steel and silicone bracelet is the latest addition to our PawZaar gift store and is our exclusive design. Similar in style to our Black Cat Bracelet, this bracelet sports a stainless steel overlay etched to reveal the black silicone band below. You […]

New on PawZaar: Dog Bracelet Sets!

Today has been fun photographing new products for our PawZaar store! We’ve had our CHOOSE RESCUE bracelet for several weeks already and we knew that we wanted to add to the line. It’s been really popular and was recently named a Staff Pick by Modern Cat Magazine and will soon be in the New York […]

Got Buffalo? Trying #NutrishZeroGrain Beef with Bison

The first time Tiki and Irie saw buffalo, they were pretty unsure of these giant animals. We were in Stonewall, Texas checking out the Lyndon Baines Johnson State Park and State Historic Site when we were writing our Texas with Dogs guidebook and came upon the park’s herd. Not only did Tiki not care for […]

Always in Your Heart with Heart In Diamond Pets

“When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.” While the author of this quote is unknown, the words could have been written by any pet parent who has had to say goodbye to a member of their fur family. Each remembrance of our late dog or cat companion is like a […]

Review: Eureka Brushroll Clean Vacuum Cleaner

Do you have a problem with your pet’s long hair (or yours) getting wrapped around your vacuum cleaner’s brush? With Tiki’s LONG tail fur (not to mention my own long hair), we have a real problem when it comes to vacuuming. The job of cutting loose the hair (and strings the vacuum picks up) can […]

Choosing Hemp for Dog Collars and Leashes

Are you looking for a dog collar or leash that gets softer as it ages? One that’s vegan yet offers the growing softness of leather as you and your dog use the product over time? Then a hemp collar or leash may be the answer. Hemp has been used for centuries for textiles including sail […]

Autumn Dog Walks & Back to School Dog Collars

We’re starting to get the first HINTS that fall is around the corner. The leaves on our sycamore trees now rustle when the wind blows. The mornings are just a bit crisper. The temperatures are (slowly) starting to drop. Autumn makes me want to extend our twice-daily dog walks. During the summer months, I’m guilty […]

Have You Taken the Purina #ONEDifference Challenge? #GIVEAWAY

This post is sponsored by Purina. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Purina ONE, but DogTipper only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers–and we LOVE to share stories of adoptable pets! Last month we shared with you the Purina #ONEDifference adoption event in LA and the big initiative […]