What’s New: Canine Care Products Flashing LED Harness


Summer travel season is just around the corner. While the summer months bring long days, they also bring about plenty of late night activity with our dogs, from camping to long, lazy meals at outdoor patio restaurants. We all know how easy it is to drop a leash — and then worry about finding our […]

What’s New: Hedz UP Watercollar


Dog paddling. Swimming seems as natural as walking for dogs, right? Wrong. Every year, thousands of dogs drown. Some fall into the family pool and run out of energy before being rescued. Some are unable to swim (not uncommon with some large headed breeds such as bulldogs). The exact number is unknown because many of […]

What’s New: Guatemalan Water Bottle Tote


On Friday, we enjoyed a super fun trip to Colorado Bend State Park in central Texas. The park is truly out in the boonies with only primitive camping and no running water, only compost toilets. We brought in all our own water–for us and our dogs. As we hiked, both Irie and Tiki made their […]

What’s New: Snout Shine from Natural Dog Company #GIVEAWAY


We all know how tough the winter weather has been on our own skin. (I grab for lip balm about every two hours!) And our noses also become extra sensitive during the cold, dry weather. Well, imagine if that nose were possibly a million times more sensitive than our own, able to detect scents that […]

What’s New: Theo Eskimo Coat

06111_Eskimo coat_black

Recently we received a new coat for either Irie or Tiki…the Theo Eskimo Coat. The coat is super cute AND super warm, something we’ve been needing during this colder than usual winter. The Theo Eskimo Coat features an exterior shell that’s both wind and water-resistant. Its PU (artificial leather) coating keeps away water and snow […]

Reader Review: Acadia Moose Antlers

Schooner with Acadia Moose Antler

The product the I am reviewing is the Acadia Moose Antlers. My dog Schooner LOVES the Acadia Moose Antler because it satisfies his chewing habit. I like the moose antlers it because Schooner is not chewing up our furniture and other things in the house. The moose antlers last a long time. I always keep extra on […]

Febreze Air Purifier #Giveaway


As our regular readers know, I have asthma. With two dogs and four cats in the house, I am always looking for solutions to the problem of dust and dander in our home. While it’s extremely important to dust and vacuum weekly to help remove common allergy triggers such as dust mites, pollen and pet […]

Show Your Pride in Your Dog with PrideBites Customized Pet Products


When I was a child, I thought it would be so much fun to buy one of those little personalized license plates for my bicycle. You remember the ones that tempted young travelers at tourist stops and theme parks. There was only one problem: there were no personalized license plates with the name “Paris.” Well, […]

Reader Review: Neater Feeder


Name of product I am reviewing: Neater Feeder My dog’s name:  Ran What I liked about this product:  With five rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds, our floors were constantly wet with regular water bowls. Our dogs are very sloppy drinkers. We also need multiple bowls of water available at all times. The Neater Feeder has managed […]

Reader Review: Come Clean Pop Culture Soap

bi.ad.ssa.govs72aab1_DataUsers153699My  Picturespugsoap

Name of product I am reviewing: Come Clean Pop Culture Soap My dog’s name: Olivia & Jaxon What I liked about this product: These soaps are safe for people and pets they are made from natural ingredients such as glycerin, coconut oil and pure essential oils. All soaps are molded around cute little toy keepsakes. […]