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Review: Lucy Pet Ultra AI Vacuum and Mop

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We all know that with pets come pet fur, dust and dirt tracked in after a dog walk and, for those of us who also share our homes with cats, bits of cat litter that find their way everywhere. Fortunately AI vacuums can take on the cleaning chores with scheduled vacuuming–and a whole list of additional features.

We’ve recently been giving the Lucy Pet Ultra AI Vacuum and Mop a try in our five-pet household. This robotic vacuum from Trifo maps your rooms using its downloadable app and lets you schedule cleanings day or night (yep, it can see in the dark!)

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How does the Lucy Pet Ultra Differ from the Trifo Ollie Pet?

You’ll remember that we recently reviewed the Trifo Ollie Pet AI Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, a great robotic vacuum we have really enjoyed.

I start in cleaning when I sit down to work; the dogs don’t pay it any attention at all. Two of our cats ignore it but our cat Lucky is in love with the vacuum and follows it room to room. You’ll see him in these photos of Lucy Pet Ultra–he got excited as soon as I unboxed his new “toy.”

Lucy and Ollie share several of the same features:

  • Both Lucy and Ollie feature a 5,200 mAh battery to keep running for up to 120 minutes.
  • Both vacuums have a detachable laser pointer and air freshener. (I don’t use these features.)
  • Both are Alexa enabled.
  • Both include a tangle-free suction port.
  • Both use the Trifo Home app.

But the robotic vacuums have some differences as well.

What Makes Lucy Pet Ultra Special?

Two Cameras

To maneuver itself around the house, the vacuum has two cameras that to keep it from vacuuming up that dog toy (yep, it can see in the dark)–and it can even detect items as small as one-inch tall. This means no accidentally vacuuming up dog poop if your dog has had an accident!

The Lucy Ultra features a 1080P HDR color camera and a second active depth sensor that provides night vision.

This means the vacuum is able to map your home extremely accurately. (It can even spot a bed in the room and name the room “bedroom.”)

That camera and sensor can even be put to work doing surveillance while you are at work or at home sleeping:

And you can use the camera to talk to and check on your pets while you’re away, using the Trifo Home app! If you see something super cute–or suspicious, you can even record using the Trifo Home app!


Lucy Ultra is a combination vacuum and mop. It features an electronically controlled water pump and adjustable 3 level water output.

The vacuum ships with three cleaning pads that adhere with Velcro to the mopping attachment:

The mopping function and pad use are for hard floors only so you’ll need to be available to remove the pad if you want to transition to a carpeted area in your house.

The water compartment is shared with the dust bin so this isn’t for heavy duty mopping but for lighter jobs.

Tangle-Free Suction Port

Both Ollie and Lucy Pet have an optional tangle-free suction port for hard flooring.

We all know how pet fur wraps around a beater bar on vacuums–and then you have to literally cut the tangled fur off the bar.

You can remove the brush bar on these vacuums…

…and replace it with a tangle-free suction port which is included with the vacuum:

Like the Trifo Ollie Pet, I give the Trifo Lucy Ultra Pet a big paws up for helping me to clean while I work!

Where to Get a Lucy Ultra Pet AI Vacuum

Lucy Ultra Pet is available on:

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