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Review: Trifo Ollie Pet AI Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner (with Pet Camera!)

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Summer means warm weather fun with our dogs, plenty of walks and hikes–and lots of shed fur! Pet fur is a fact of like here–but we’ve been taking a high-tech route to clean the house (and freeing up our schedules for summer fun) with the Trifo Ollie AI Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Pet Camera.

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As its name suggest, this robotic vacuum cleaner is specially design for pet households, tackling the most common cleaning challenges with modern technology–and adding in some special features for fun as well including the industry’s first laser pointer and air freshener.

My favorite special feature: Ollie’s 1080P HDR camera which lets you listen, talk and record your pets when you’re away, day or night.

Available on Amazon, the Ollie vacuum retails for $299.

We’ve been trying out the Ollie on our two-dog, three-cat home and give it a big paws up!

Special Ollie Features for Dog Homes

HEPA filter to capture allergens.

Pets mean pet dander! Ollie has a built-in HEPA and activated charcoal filter to capture allergens so that the air that the vacuum emits is fresh and clean. (The vacuum also features air fresheners you can add; I generally don’t use air fresheners due to my asthma so I didn’t try out this feature.)

Pet Hair Free Extractor

Tired of pet hair getting wrapped around the brush? Ollie’s Pet Hair Extractor is a special brushless attachment especially for pet homes.

The Pet Hair Extractor allows suction airflow to Ollie more easily — and means you don’t need to clean fur off a brush. (This has been a big problem with us an previous robot vacuums.)

All you need to do after vacuuming is to simply empty the dustbin!

Pet camera to watch your pets when you’re away

Ollie has a 1080 HD color camera that lets you see and hear–and talk to–your pets while you are away. You can even record your interactions.

Ollie also spots movement while you are away so you get a real-time view of your home both day and night. Again, if you see something that shouldn’t be there, you can hit record.

Laser pointer

Does your dog like a laser pointer? Ollie comes with a detachable laser pointer to help entertain your dog or help teach him that being around a vacuum cleaner can be fun!

Two-hour runtime

All the shed fur in our home means ALL the floor surfaces need vacuuming every time, including beneath the furniture. That spells a longer runtime–which is fine because Trifo Ollie vacuums up to 120-min on a single charge. The 5200mAh battery can clean up to 2000 square feet.

Adjustable Cleaning Power

Do you have some areas that just get dirtier than others? In our house, these are the front door entry, which gets the brunt of muddy paws, and the bedroom, where dog hair congregates.

With the Trifo app, you can adjust the cleaning power for particular areas.

Larger Dustbin

The larger dustbin of Ollie was a huge draw for me; in the past, we have had to stop robot vacuums, dump the dustbin, the resume. That, of course, would mean no vacuuming remotely.

Trifo Ollie has a large 600ml dustbin, designed to hold more debris and pet hair.

Powerful Cleaning

We all know that pet fur finds its way into the fibers of our carpets–and this goes for pet food and cat litter, too. Ollie has powerful 4000Pa suction to clean in a single pass. It also features a six-sided claw brush so that fur can’t hide!

How it Works

Ollie can be used manually–or you can use it as a high-tech addition to your home!

Smart Home Enabled

You can pair an Ollie robot vacuum with Alexa or Google Home to control vacuuming with voice commands.

Use with the Trifo Home app

You can also launch Ollie robotic vacuum cleaner using the Trifo Home app.

With the app, you can monitor the cleaning in real-time (regardless of where you are) and keep an eye on the battery level. You can also schedule cleaning.

Smart Mapping

Ollie maps your house so you can create zones to skip (maybe you don’t want the vacuum to run near your dog’s favorite sleeping area while you’re away for the day). According to Trifo:

Featuring the exceptional AI learning, Ollie can map out 3.3X more efficiently than ordinary robot vacuums. Ollie recognizes and divides rooms automatically, and you can name the rooms by yourself, i.e. “living room”, “kitchen”, etc. Keep certain areas quiet by setting up No-Go zones by selecting No-Go zones on your floorplan map.

Trifo accomplishes this mapping with Ollie’s patented visual SLAM technology to take precise measurements and maximize cleaning coverage.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and exceptional depth Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors help Ollie map out your house and clean 3.3 times faster compared to regular robot vacuums. With Trifo’s over-the-air (OTA) updates and every vacuum run, Ollie picks up quickly on its surroundings and makes cleaning decisions faster and better.

High-precision Obstacle Avoidance

Along with that detailed mapping of your home, Ollie’s precise ToF depth sensor means the vacuum avoids objects over one-inch tall (most robot vacuums are looking for items about four inches tall).

We give the Ollie a big paws up for pet households!

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