Traveling with Your Dog #Infographic

As you know, we love to travel with Irie and Tiki and do it as much as our schedule and our budget will allow. Our girls are both large dogs so that means car travel for us–and they love nothing better than to take a car trip, whether it’s a day trip to an area […]

How to Prevent Canine Tick Problems

Living in the country, we’re no stranger to ticks. With warm weather right around the corner, we know that ticks will be arriving soon, too. Today we have a post and infographic on this important topic from Carrington College to help you prepare for these unwelcome spring arrivals. Ticks are extremely resilient creatures. They live […]

Trick or Treat #Recipe for Halloween Dog Treats

Are you ready for doggie trick or treating? We’ve been preparing some of Irie and Tiki’s favorite pumpkin and peanut butter treats, ones that are quick and easy to make. We’ll be filling our USA-made Paws For-A-Cause treat jars with them, ready for treating and for sharing with any four-legged trick or treaters! Below you’ll […]

#Infographic: Pets & Birthday Presents

You may have seen this post in your newsletter last night; DogTipper crashed shortly after the newsletter went out and the post was lost…so we’re trying it again! As you know, last week was Tiki’s adoption anniversary, the closest thing we have to her birthday celebration since we really don’t know when she was born. […]

Infographic: Summer Pet Safety Tips

Summer is definitely a time of fun in the sun with our dogs — but it’s a time when there are doggie dangers to be aware of as well. Today we wanted to share this important infographic from ASPCA regarding dangers your dog faces during these summer months including: Fireworks & Thunderstorms: Loud noises like […]

#Infographic: Identifying Treats and Toxins to Your Dog

Trick or treat may be a favorite Halloween cry — but making sure you select foods and treats that are safe for your dog rather than toxic is a year-around worry. Some foods that are perfectly safe for humans including onions, grapes, and chocolate are toxic to our dogs. With Easter just around the corner, […]

Infographic: Winter Dog Care

As I write this, we’re preparing for a winter storm here. Living in Texas, we don’t have a fraction of the winter problems that many areas face but we’ve got a real possibility of ice and sleet in the coming days. Shelters are making plans to move all their dogs indoors, and the newscasters are […]

Infographic: Holiday Dog Dangers

Christmas may be over but the dangers to our dogs continue as we enter another holiday week filled with more parties, holiday baking, and {shudder} fireworks. Next week, we’ll be bringing you more about helping your dog on New Year’s Eve; our Irie is extremely frightened of fireworks so we’ll be home and pulling out […]

Infographic: How Much Does It Cost to Live with a Dog?

We all know that’s it’s not inexpensive to live with a dog. We often talk about ways you can cut costs while still giving your dog a healthy and happy life. (In fact, we wrote an entire book on the subject: Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos!) Today we have a guest infographic from Dog Breed […]

Infographic: Autumn Dangers to Your Dog’s Paws

Fall is definitely in the air here now, and the cooler temperatures make us want to linger on our morning and evening walks. As Irie continues to progress after her ACL surgery, we’re now up to two 25-minute walks per day. She’s also able to walk on an incline so we’re able to hike uphill, […]

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