Ensuring Your Dog’s Safety Around Pools

As the weather starts to warm up, we know that swimming season can’t be far away…and with that comes the need to take additional safety precautions to keep your dog safe. Today we have a special guest post from Michigan-based Swimtown Pools about how to keep your dog safe and happy around the swimming pool when those summer months arrive.

How to Ensure Your Dog’s Safety Around Pools

We take precautions to ensure the safety of our loved ones so taking steps to make sure our furry friends are protected as well is a no-brainer. Although many may assume that dogs’ natural instincts will automatically kick in around water, the truth is that this might not always be the case. We consulted the experts to find out how you can best keep your pups safe around the pool.

First things first, let’s ask the vet. M. Duffy Jones, DVM of Peach Tree Hills Veterinary Clinic recommends the following:

  1. Do not leave pets unattended near a pool.
  2. Make sure the pets have a way out of the pool like a ramp or shallow area.
  3. Make sure that pets do not get too tired. Many of them will swim until they cannot swim anymore.
  4. Make sure pets have plenty of clean water to drink so that they do not drink the pool water.
  5. Make sure people are out of the way when the dogs are swimming. Many dogs will swim over people.

Los Angeles-based sustainable landscaping firm, FormLA Landscaping recommends:

“Keep the pool/spa lids on when you are not present. Not only will this protect your pet from falling into water without an easy exit, it will prevent water waste through evaporation. Also consider permeable patio materials or foliage for surrounding materials. While many old style pools and spas are surrounded by solid cement, pool decks comprised of pavers and groundcover or gravel joints provide better traction and allow splash-over water to filter back into the soil.”

Additionally, these tips from Dr. Tiffany Margolin on how to accumulate your dog to being in and around pools are also helpful:

“Your new pup or adult dog needs to know is where the pools steps are,” says Dr. Margolin. “Enter the pool with your dog in your arms or on leash. You may need to encourage or lift him/her onto the first step. You should conduct several sessions over the first week just performing this exercise. Repeat until you feel confident your dog will easily step out of the pool.

“Next, enter the shallow end of the pool with your dog, either encouraging him in or carrying him/her to an area a few feet from the steps. Dogs have a natural ability to paddle. Allow your pet to paddle free of you, and guide him/her in the direction of the steps they’re already familiar with. Repeat this until you see a consistent pattern of swimming onto and exiting the pool by the steps.”

Keeping our pets happy and healthy is of the utmost importance so taking the precautions necessary to ensure their safety around pools should be a priority for all pool owners or people who want to partake in a family fun day at the pool with their pooches.

About the Author: This article was provided by http://www.swimtownpools.com. Swimtown Pools is a family-owned Company serving the Pool and Spa owners since 1997.

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