Best Friends Animal Society’s Strut Your Mutt Events

Taking steps to help dogs and cats in need with every step they take, pet parents and their pups in cities from coast to coast are preparing for Strut Your Mutt, a nationwide event unleashed each year by a non-profit organization that always goes the extra mile to help our pals with paws– Best Friends […]

How to Ride an Elevator with Your Dog

Recently we stayed at a La Quinta with Irie and Tiki and enjoyed a third floor room. While we often took the stairs to walk off the many hours we’d spent in the car and on a nursing home visit, we also took the elevator numerous times. Irie and Tiki both did great but I […]

12 Tips for Traveling with Your Dog in Extreme Heat

We love summer, and we love traveling with our dogs–but sometimes the two just don’t mix. When temperatures reach dangerous levels, we generally postpone our dog travel for more temperate days. Sometimes, though, life gets in the way and you just HAVE to travel. We recently had to make a nursing home visit with four […]

8 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home with Family Members

This Wednesday through Friday I’m gone to Pittsburgh for a trip sponsored by Nutrish. I’ll be joining many of the other Nutrish influencers to tour a local shelter, walk adoptable dogs, and more. I’m flying there and back so Irie and Tiki will be home all day, every day with John. It’s not like we’re […]

Infographic: Moving with Pets

Moving is a stressful time–whether you have two or four legs. With so many details to manage, from coordinating arrangements with movers to finding and settling in a new home, it’s especially important to put one person in the family in charge of your pets’ care. That person, whether you’re boxing and unboxing or checking […]

Austin Pet Expo, Aug. 20-21 #AmazingPetExpo

In a city known as The Live Music Capital of the World, the sound of playful barking will be music to the ears of dog lovers during the Austin Pet Expo, a two-day celebration of all our pals with paws and claws. Activities Watch as talented tail-waggers work their way through weave poles, tackle a […]

7 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Dog Sitter

As we quickly approach the summer travel season, today we have a a very timely guest post from Ashley Jacobs, the founder of Sitting for a Cause, a pet sitting website that donates 50% of their profits to animal-related causes. She is passionate about helping animals in need and resides in Newport Beach with her […]

Shopping for a Dog-Friendly Car

OK, let’s get one thing out before we begin this discussion: my interest in cars is pretty much limited to (1) I want the car the start when I turn the key and (2) I want everyone in the car to be comfortable and safe as we travel. Perhaps partially because of that fact, we […]

Day Trip Safety with Your Dog

This post is brought to you by Kurgo, a company we rely on for many of our dog travel needs! As we told you about last month, John and I have been busily running around updating our Day Trips from Austin guidebook. The book focuses on trips within a two-hour drive of the city so […]

Skype with Your Dog – Celebrity Style!

From signing autographs to attending red carpet premieres, the professional life of a globe-trotting celebrity may be glamorous, but it also means spending time apart from the dogs who play major roles in their personal lives. To keep in touch with their furry family members, Tinseltown stars have embarked on a new trend: bonding with […]