Dog-friendly Port Aransas, Texas: A Laughing Horse Lodge

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On our trip to the Texas coast this week, we stayed in a dog-friendly beach cottage in Port Aransas, Texas: A Laughing Horse Lodge. Just two blocks from the beach, this property features small cottages offered either as a duplex or as a stand-alone cottage.

We opted for a two-bedroom cottage, Horse Sense (here’s the property’s photo gallery of our cottage). The cottage was a great size for us and the girls:

dog-friendly beach cottage-1

The cottage included all the essentials with a full kitchen:

dog-friendly beach cottage-kitchen

…an adjacent living room/dining room, bath, bedroom with a king-sized bed, and a second bedroom (which Irie and Tiki seemed to think was a good hangout)…

dog-friendly beach cottage-bedroom

With its bright colors and beachy decor, the cottage, like the whole property, had a fun, kitchy vibe…

dog-friendly beach cottage-surfboard

A no-frills property, the rooms don’t include maid service and guests must take out their own trash and clean up and wash the dishes before leaving as well. Although not for those looking for pampering extras, the dog-friendly atmosphere of the property was a huge plus to us (and Irie and Tiki.)

The dog-friendly extras included a complimentary ID tag for each dog…

dog-friendly beach cottage-tag

…an adjacent large field (and complimentary poop bags)…

dog-friendly beach cottage-2

…and even a self-service dog wash (great after a sandy trip to the beach!)

dog-friendly beach cottage-dog-bath

Our room also included food and water bowls, a list of dog-friendly restaurants in town, and a list of area veterinarians. We especially liked their dog policy — they accept all sizes and breeds of dogs (and even welcome more than two per room!) The pet fee is very reasonable: $25 for one dog, $35 for two or three, and $50 for more than three. The fee is per stay.

Room rates vary by season; we fell into “Off Season” rates of $135 per night for a weekday stay. The same cottage would have been priced at $110 during the winter months. Summer, of course, is the most expensive season on the Texas coast; rates for the same cottage would be $199 per day during this time of peak demand.

For more information:

Disclosure: We booked and paid for our room ourselves; all opinions are entirely our own and those of Tiki and Irie!


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