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National Pet Week

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In the eyes of pet parents, every day is dedicated to our friends with fur, fins and feathers, but the American Veterinarian Association has designated National Pet Week as a special time for dog devotees, fans of felines and other animal lovers to celebrate our bond with those who bark, purr and chirp.

AVMA's National Pet Week

When is National Pet Week?

Launched by the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1981, National Pet Week is observed every year on the first full week in May. Each day of the week marks a special theme ranging from pet travel safety to nutrition to socialization.

How to Celebrate

The AVMA offers the following suggestions for marking the pet holiday with your dog:

Tame Your Tail-Wagger’s Mane and Give Your Pup a Paw-dicure

Regular brushing, bathing and nail trims are essential for keeping your canine companion clean and healthy.

Plan a Puppy Playdate

Fun with other Fidos will help to sharpen your Spot’s socialization skills. You may want to ask a trainer to be present to help keep the barking buddies on their best behavior.

Enjoy a Constitutional with Your Canine Companion

A walk with your dog is a good form of exercise for both pet parent and pup.

Mark the Pet Holiday with a Bit of Bling

Shop around for a snazzy new collar or leash that your dog can show off to his or her four-legged friends at the dog park.

Check On You Dog’s Health with A Check Up

Remember that regular vet visits will help to ensure your pet’s well-being.

Animal lovers can also mark National Pet Week by showing their appreciation for veterinarians and vet staff who are doggedly devoted to keeping our animal companions healthy.

More Pet Holidays to Enjoy

We list dog holidays (days, weeks and months) in our Pet Holiday Calendar including holidays such as:

National Train Your Dog Month

National Pet Month

National Puppy Day

National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

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National Pet Week - first full week in May

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