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Dave Bautista’s Heartfelt Support for Rescue Animals

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Guardians of The Galaxy star Dave Bautista has teamed up with a non-profit organization that serves as a guardian of animals in need to raise awareness and support for rescue dogs and cats who need a forever home. Starting on GivingTuesday and continuing through the holiday season, Dave Bautista and the ASPCA call for the support of animal lovers.

Dave Bautista and his pit bull

Dave Bautista’s Dogs

The topic is close to the heart of the wrestler turned actor, whose fur family consists of four adopted Pit Bulls– Ollie, Maggie, Penny and Talulah

Penny, who was only three months old when she was adopted by Bautista from The Humane Society of Tampa Bay in 2021, had been found digging through the trash for food, and enduring the pain of a metal chain which had embedded into her neck. 

three of Dave Bautista's four rescue dogs

When he heard about the puppy’s plight, the actor even offered a reward to anyone with information that would lead to the arrest of whoever had inflicted such cruelty.

Giving Tuesday

Dave Bautista and his rescue dogs

Wanting to help other animals in need, Dave Bautista has partnered with the ASPCA in honor of GivingTuesday. 

Beginning on November 27 and lasting throughout the holiday season, Dave Bautista (a long-time ASPCA supporter) will be encouraging the animal lovers to show homeless canines and cats how much they care  by donating funds or supplies, adopting, fostering or volunteering at their local shelter or rescue.

“My first rescue dogs were Ollie and Maggie, and I’ve had them for about five years. I adopted them, and after becoming so connected with them, I started to be more aware of how many dogs are just waiting for someone to give them good, loving homes,” said Dave Bautista. 

In honor of #GivingTuesday, Dave Bautista, actor, animal advocate, and dog dad, is collaborating with the ASPCA to raise awareness and encourage support for vulnerable animals throughout the holiday season.  Dave is the proud dad of four adopted pit bulls—Ollie, Maggie, Penny, and Talulah—and is a consistent champion for the breed, adopting his first two dogs five years ago. Photo courtesy ASPCA

“You get so much in return when you adopt a pet, and I’m going to preach for adoption for the rest of my life. Every second chance for these animals starts with someone like you, or me.”

“Dave Bautista’s compassion for homeless animals and advocacy for pit bulls in particular make him a powerful ambassador for Giving Tuesday, inspiring his fans and many others to adopt, foster, and contribute to the health and welfare of shelter animals, even before those animals are ready for new homes,” said Matt Bershadker, ASPCA president and CEO.

“We thank Dave and everyone speaking out and stepping up this holiday season on behalf of dogs and cats in need and commit our strong support for those animals now and always.”

To find out how you can help, visit the ASPCA’s Before You page to help support rescue pets before they are ready for adoption.

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