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Our Doggie Easter Egg Hunt

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Happy Easter to all those who are celebrating today! We started off our day with an early Easter egg hunt for the dogs. Both Tiki and Irie really enjoy hunting for eggs and treats in the yard (and I’ve resolved to do this at least once a month for them…they really enjoy tracking down their breakfast in the yard!)

I boiled some eggs last night and this morning cut up some Pet Botanics Rolled Dog Food that I’d been using as training treats (although for the hunt I cut it up larger than for I do for training):

While the dogs were inside, I ran out into the yard and hid the treats and eggs. (We’re in a drought so our yard was nowhere nearly as lush as it was for last year’s Easter egg hunt…but the dogs didn’t mind.)  I was worried that the dogs might not find some of the eggs and treats but soon realized that was a silly concern…they were on my trail as soon as they were out the door, following right along where I’d walked earlier as they searched for their goodies:

Both dogs enjoyed the hunt…

And each dog searched for the duration of the hunt…

But Irie was really into the hunt and was so successful we had to relocate a couple of eggs so Tiki would have her share! This was definitely a fun way for all of us to start our day!

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